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Im kind of tired

Ok this is going to sound bad, but tired of a friend. We are three friends. Im gonna call N the one im kind of tired. Sorry if my English is bad.

So, the problem is that i can be talking with our other friend about something that happened to them, and N will join the conversation to change the topic so we start talking about them. Example:

Friend: So when i was a kid i almost drowned
Me: oh, whaaat? When did that happen?
Friend: When i was (dunno) 5 or something (not real conversation)
Me: wooah, how did you feel??? Must have been scary
Friend: yeah, it was scary jqbcjkwnf
N: i almost drowned once *starts talking about that*

Something like that, they join the conversation to change the topic to THEM, i mean, it's ok to talk about yourself, but PLEASE, don't change the topic, we are talking about somebody else! I know it sound horrible to talk like that about a friend, but they have done this since a long time and it's really tiring.

Im sorry to tell y'all about this, please don't judge me, i know it sounds bad but im just really really tired and i would appreciate some advice, idk if that's possible here but if it is, i would be happy to hear your advice on this. I don't know what to do.
Try to divert the subject back to the other person ?
Yokito · 22-25
@PepsiColaP I'll try next time, thank you very very much
Ontheroad · M
@Yokito Exactly what @PepsiColaP said. Ignore N and ask the friend to tell you more. Ask how it felt, is she afraid of water now, etc. Just leave N in the dust.
Dimao · 13-15, C
Understandable it hurt you maybe make it clear you have problems too and would like to talk about yours first?

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