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Friend situation - I dont know what to do

Ive known her since 1st grade, i consider her as my best friend but now i dont know

She makes fun of how skinny and boney i am when she knew i needed to gain weight. I stopped eating the school lunch because of her, she has AFRID and i wanted to be comforting or something.
She calls me stupid over everything. It aint like friendly banter anymore its gone too far. She rolles her eyes and acts annoyed everytime i ask her for something she also gets jealous whenever i talk to new people and get new friends. Shes just fucking rude bro.

Shes done other things, should i drop her? She would basically have no one else to hang with and would be alone so i feel a little bit bad perhaps. Or is this just normal friend banter behavior and im the ass for thinking badly of her?

Shes also an ass towards her little sister just because she finds interest into unusual things and her behavior towards her is pissing me off.
FinleyFox · 16-17, T
I know it's hard, I've gone through something similar. I'm in high school, and I know how hard it is to drop friends. Anyway, my advice to you is to maybe take a bit of a break from her. Give you guys some space, take a few days, and at the end of those days, see how you feel. Do you feel better when you are away from her? Stuff like that. Or, you can just straight up talk to her. Tell her how you feel, and what she is doing wrong. I do not recommend talking online, though, as that could lead to more problems. If you need more advice, message me! I hope this goes over well for you!
anonymousventer · 13-15
ooo im having a bad situation witha person who ive been friends with for far too long and i understand that your lives may be like intertwined in activities/timetables but as long as youre not interested in the same things about after high school it's okay to drop her. like she shouldn't take you for granted and behave like that. if youre her only friend and she loses you she should learn to become a better person or live her life alone, but the focus is you so i do believe that the most beneficial option is confrontation and/or gradual drifting apart :<
Leave her for a short time to test. Don't talk/argue with her during that period. It will test your importance for her, and if she can live without you?

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