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Need to vent...

I just needed a place to write down my feelings because I'm bottling up so much that I feel like I will explode.

I feel out of place and left out. I used to live in a small town where I grew up, but I moved in February 2023 to a city that is 3 hours away now. I moved because my sister met someone and they wanted to move in together very early in their relationship. I just went because they wanted me to watch my niece while they worked then I'll get a job later.
Last year was up and down constantly. They would argue over little things and he had a drinking problem which caused him to run his mouth with insults. For some context on how bad, he could be drinking with his family then he'll start arguing with them suddenly. I just kept my niece out of it as much as I could if they argued and I stayed out of the relationship. I became pretty close with his side of the family.

Anyways, the reason I feel out of place and left out is when I have to do an open-to-close shift at my job, my sister and her bf will go places without me. They would go to the arcade or the mall. It is always when I'm at work. I don't have a car of my own, but my sister has another car in our old town that we recently got fixed up. We were supposed to get it one day, but she changed the plans without letting me know. So I still don't have a car and saving for one will take a bit, since I make about $600 every 2 weeks. I'm tired of about not being able to go anywhere. I'm tired of them going to explore without me. And If I have to ask to be included then I don't want to be included.

And I can't talk to my sister about it. She is the type of person who either takes it the wrong way or does not care. We were also not very close while growing up either.
Wolffy · 56-60, M
United Way to put me through the counseling course basic counseling course anger management and batters intervention courses so I got the basics for being a counselor and my problem was I took everybody's problems home and I worried about him so I couldn't follow through but I have the confidence enough to listen to somebody if they really need someone to talk to maybe even the wisdom to help them find the right path or be able to but some of it out and give on their path to help them in like I said if you ever needed someone to talk to holler at me I'm around I love to chat LOL I'm very respectful first and foremost always a gentleman and never judge it's not for me to do that's not why I'm on my path of life
fanuc2013 · 51-55, F
Well. You know where her priorities lie. Start looking for a better job, meet some new people and don't let yourself be taken advantage of. It will get better!
Wolffy · 56-60, M
Well sometimes it's better to find someone to confide in and talk to you about things that you're bottling up and pushing down because they will come to the surface eventually and you have to get them out and talk to someone about it if you feel comfortable about saying something then please find that person and it just talk to him or her and don't let anyone stay for you or tell you otherwise if that's the way you feel you need to do that for yourself to feel better and be understood I can understand that
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
I can sympathize. It will get better, maybe a whole lot better.
Wolffy · 56-60, M
Twll ya what ya ever need to vent hit me up im good listener
victoriabridgelal · 22-25, F
I don't know who you are, but I relate. Try to find solace in your solitude if you absolutely cannot move out and hold on to the hope that this isn't forever and everything is temporary.
bottledemotions247 · 18-21, F
@victoriabridgelal I try to. And I have plans to leave when my best friend is done with college so we can get a place together.
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bottledemotions247 · 18-21, F
@jshm2 you’re a ball of sunshine
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