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Update on my last post

It didn’t really get any better.
I’m still in close contact with this guy.
I’m sitting w him on a train for a trip so idk what to say. I’m still struggling with addiction.
Richard65 · M
Wow, your issues are very heavy and I don't pretend to have any answers for you, but it sounds like you're in a terrible place. Things can always get better for sure, but you really need to get far away from this guy. He's on a downward spiral and he's taking you with him. Have you no alternatives at all so you can leave him? You don't really love him, you're just clinging to him like driftwood in a raging sea. It's not healthy.
Classified · M
Nobody to turn to? 😩
eyleensfilm · 18-21, F
@Classified i have no interest in anyone else
ap199 · 51-55, M
@eyleensfilm you don’t need anyone else. Leave him fast! Be strong. He does not define you. You define you. You are drawn to him because you feel you need him. What it is you need? Define that. You need you. Discover yourself. And good people will enter you life. You know this trip was a bad idea yet you went. Figure this out fast: the best things in life come with some difficulty, and are hard decisions, but come with great reward. The easy path leads to misery. You took the easy path. You say you have no interest in anyone else? What about yourself? Your decision to take this trip is terribly disappointing. You reach out here, surrounded my good advice, and ignore it, if you make it through this trip, leave him far behind, focus on yourself, and never ever return. Do whatever it take, because you are worth it, he is garbage and wants want to sink alone. You can do better! Praying

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