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finjkdnvds i dont even know

my best friend is so nice. but its sad to see how she can leave me to go with her other friends. it seems like sometimes, I'm just a backup for her. I'm so jealous of her, shes pretty, smart and better at basically anything than me. and she acts like she doesn't know it. it annoys me how insufferable she is. but she's one of the only people I've got. and i cant even talk to her about it. cuz shes the sole reason of most of my problems and insecurities. i know this relationship is unhealthy. and that i should end it but I've really got no one else.
FerrousSneeze · 16-17, F

So I actually went through something just like this myself. Granit, it was a bit different in away but I started to try to come out of my comfort zone and talk to people I was sitting by during classes. I would start it off with something as simple as a compliment. Like, for example, "I really like your shoes they look so cool!" The best thing you can do is be nice no matter what. If you be nice no one should be talking about you behind your back. The only thing they could say is how nice of a person you are. I get it. It can be super hard to do that but just remember there is no harm in complimenting someone. Who knows maybe the people sitting around you are going through something similar, heck, by just giving one person a compliment it may just make them happier and more confident in themselves for the rest of the day. You might even get a compliment back yourself. I did just that and it lead to me having the greatest friends I could ever ask for. I really hope this helps you! xxx <3
jyrluv · 13-15New
@FerrousSneeze i will definitely try to compliment more people more often, thank u!
FerrousSneeze · 16-17, F
@jyrluv Yeah! I really hope it helps! x
This message was deleted.
jyrluv · 13-15New
@WOW355 i feel u 🩷 i wish u luck on making friends
WOW355 · 13-15, F
@jyrluv thanks B you too

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