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It is just me or?

So i live in a country where child abandoment & pet abandoment are really common so you most likely are going to see a ton of cats around esp my town but seeing them searching for food staying in the cold winter searching for love even tho most likely they were abused and treated badly by everyone
It really hurts.
So now to the child topic i wanna share with yall a bit of one of my storytimes?
I was shopping with my dad around the town and we decided to go to some fast food place to get burgers and across the street were a family of like 5 kids? + mother
All of the kids were fully dressed / shoes,clothes hat etc and with them was a beautiful blonde girlie she was most likely between 5-6 years old and she didnt had shoes she had a little shirt a bottoms but her clothes were with mud and her hair was so tangled she was crying after she was sent by her mother to beg for money across the street (where we have been) i also forgot to say that the street wasnt fully made so there were rocks and stones so poor girl :/
She came at us crying not saying anything and i looked at her and i came at her to hug her while asking her what happened but ive got shouted out by my father because of that and i had to go but her mother on the other side was giving her glances and it was more then a sad moment
Some people dont have the chance to be parents and some people what are blessed to have kids are using them for their own benefit even tho theres SO MANY places to work at.They are just lazy.
Every child deserves a parent but not every parent deserves a child.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
I see them too like that guy who passed his AIDS down to his daughter and took donations because he had to leave her on the floor in his hovel while he went to work. They don't give a hoot about anyone but themselves
CookieHappy · 13-15
Poor girl, if I may ask why did your father yell at you? You weren't doing anything wrong.
Ale0001 · 16-17, FNew
@CookieHappy they were gypsy and my dad told me that she came to ask for money and thats why he yelled at me :(
Our country really discriminates them thats why
CookieHappy · 13-15
@Ale0001 that rlly sucks sometimes, my mom discriminates against lgbt and im too scared to come out and say sm. I'm still closeted and have told no one except for the occasional online stranger
Ale0001 · 16-17, FNew
@CookieHappy when you feel like telling her you should <3 i hope that it makes u happier

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