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What sould I do?

So I'm in 7th grade and there is this one boy whom name will be jack, so jack is that one kid that sits next to you reads out loud and Coffs every 5 seconds and I help him in Africans and he doesn't know the basics of the language he pisses me off he asks stupid questions and I understand Africans but in every single Klas and I express my self and I always have to tell him to stop annoying me and he always tells me to go to therapy but today he went to far his grandmother that works at the school went to my mother's work and belittled my mom while she was working and told my mom she was going to put me in therapy.

So I have to ask what should I do?
To not prof them right and also get my revenge
White99 · 18-21, M
Punch his teeth in :)
You got this

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