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i feel lonely

Im so jelous of people who have friends, im happy for them tho, i wouldnt want anyone to feel what i felt. It just looks really fun to hang out with someone, i dont mind if ill just have one friend, as long as i have one that im really close with then thats fine, i can live with that. My classmates went to this one horror house thing at our school, i didnt have anyone to go with, that day was supposed to be fun, atleast i thought so, but i ended up just trying to keep myself together and trying not to cry. I like being alone, really, it calms me, but "feeling" alone doesnt feel great, sometimes i just imagine that im with someone so i wouldnt feel that lonely. Nonetheless, im sure ill finally have a friend one day
collin · M
i get how it feels. i used to be the same, i was extremely shy in middle school and barely had any friends at all. the trick i used was to be more talkative. bring something physical of a media you like to school, like a plushie of your favorite show, and hopefully someone will have the courage to ask about it. when that happens, immediately go for the basics. ask their favorite character, what they like about the interest, whatever comes to mind.

if this doesn't work out, try talking with your classmates during class. make short and funny comments, join the open conversation they were having with one of their friends (appropiately of course), or group up with anyone in group projects. talk more, and you will look more approachable

it is hard to speak up, and it is hard to communicate. but try your best
beanlybeans · 16-17
@collin thanks a lot, ill try to do that:)
Ok listen to me this might sound stupid but, for now just get a group people you kind or barely know that are good people that might work together, make a group chat with all of them in it pick a day where your all not doing anything an just go to a random park or something cause at least you'll be getting to know them and you'll create your own little friend group! Again I know it sounds like a really weird crazy thing to do but if you did it you would definitely not feel lonely!
IlikeToVent · New
I relate to this... I have friends but they don't talk to me or include me in stuff. I think they just wanted to become friends with me cuz Im black and they wanted a black friend to be different 💀
originnone · 56-60, M
they aren't having as much fun as you think.

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