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I feel lost !

Sorry if this turns out as a long and boring read, I just need to lay this all out mostly for myself, but I still do appreciate if anyone ends up reading through it all. After I graduated university in the UK I came back home to get some rest and figure out what to do next with my life. I ended up staying far longer than I should have and because of that I'm going to suffer some long term consequences. I already had a pre-settled status but due to the fact that I've been out of the country for more than 6 months, after the pre-settled status ends I will not be able to apply for a settled one which means I will not obtain UK based citizenship. And the line of work I'm in is not well developed in my country which means that now, even if I go back to the UK, after 2 years pass and my status loses its effect I will need to pay thousands of pounds annually for a visa. I am afraid that even if I get a good job and earn a decent income I will lose so much money I won't be able to support myself all alone in the UK. The weird thing is I don't even particularly like living there, but this is the only place where I have a real chance to develop professionally and build some kind of life for myself. I feel as if I wasted a one-of-a-kind opportunity and I will never get a chance to make something out of my life. Evey night I go to bed I can't sleep because of how awful and guilty I feel for not taking initiative, and I blame myself for this failure. Should I keep on pushing and try and find a way ?
As long as you can before your status changes....:

Go there, work like a dog and save.

By that time you should have enough experience in your field to either 1) "represent" a company in another part of the world (maybe your home country for instance) or
2) be a "consultant" and work remotely. IE: My DIL lives in Hawaii but works in Virginia (via the early morning internet....)
I think you should keep pushing and believe in yourself that you can get through this and find a way. Good luck to you.
Havesomefun2 · 56-60, M
Go for it a push on
Don't give up.

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