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Emotional breakdown ig

Ok so, I've had a crush on this girl at school for almost 3 years, and I tried telling her once but I instantly got embarassed. The worst part is that she is my best friend and has been for 7 years and for these 7 years we have always been together and doing stuff with each other (nothing adult, just friendship stuff) but this year a new girl came in our class and she seems to like her a lot more than she ever liked me (even as a friend) and I've been feeling really depressed because of this and this Friday I randomly started feeling sad about her and the other girl and I've been like that for 2 hours until we had P.E. and I was hit in the face, and when that happens, I usually start crying even if it doesn't hurt, so my sadness from the past hours also came and I went to the bathroom and started crying and when I came back to the P.E. room I was hit another time and I kind of started having an emotional break-down and locked myself in the bathroom as tears ran down my face. When school was done (p.e. is the last class I have on Friday), I went somewhere private inside the school, sat down and cried.
Kodel · 26-30, M
I kinda know the feeling. It's tormenting when you want to be as special to someone as they are to you.
As painful as it is, the only advice I can give is be honest. If you're craving something romantic between you and this friend, then come clean about it and if she doesn't feel the same way, then, as painful as this choice may be, move on. There's always a stigma around whether or not you can continue to be friends with someone you've had feelings for and from my personal experience, it doesn't go well. At this point, it sounds like you no longer really want the friendship. You want romantic connection. If she's unwilling to provide that, then the deal that's currently between the two of you isn't in your interest anymore. It seems harsh to put it like that, but it's the reality of it. I'd definitely also say that it might help to work on your own emotional grounding as well. There's nothing wrong with crying but crying consistently means that there's still a problem within that you haven't sorted. Even if it means you have to spend hours crying and mulling over a circumstance to come to terms with it, it's better than it constantly coming back to haunt you.
Hope this helps.

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