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life is hard

so im a teenager who has a social life , having online friends , duos , bfs , etc..i had this boy that i liked so much .. i've known him for 3 months , after some time he told me that he wants to be a duo with me..i agreed with so much joy not knowing what was gonna happen . after a day or two i don't exactly remember , he told me that he liked me sm and asked me to be together with him so i said yes without hesitating . we dated for like 5-6 days and after that he broke up with me and blocked me on that acc . ofc i had to know why and i logged in my old acc .. guess what i found ? .. him having another relationship after literaly 5 minutes .. i cried sm in that night that i almost died . i was so sad , my life was a mess . after some days , he wanted to leave social media so i wrote this paragraph for him '' dear d**** , i want to start with a thank you. thank you bc for a period u put a smile on my face with the only fact that you existed . you are wonderful , perfect and lovely . you always know to take care of me . always put a smile on my face and thats what i like . i don't have words to tell you how much i care about are everything to me .thank you for everything you have done for me , for all of the beautiful memories with you , for all of the moments when i was annoying and u accepted me the way i was .u always have a way to make me happy . ❤️ ur the most wonderful man ever. i would give you the stars just to see you happy.even if we are not together anymore ur in my heart forever.u made me the happiest.ur erfect and wonderful . i love you so much and i will always do it no matter what will happen . ur the first who has made me happy and accep me how i am . i was so happy with you , you were everything . im sorry that i lied to you .. trust me ur perfect . u have showed me what love is . please don't leave , i can't imagine me without you here . u are the one who gives me power to stay here . u don't havee a motive to leave . tell me , who was here for me ? D**** . exactly , you . u took care of me . i refuse ti think that you are leaving . without you i don't exist . i love you so much and i don't really know what i have done to deserve you .u are still in my heart and i woould wait for you anytime with my arms opened. i would give you 1000 chances. i would give my life for you .'' and so much more but its personal life . he just told me ''ehh:(('' and i cried sm that i got to the hospital and almost fainted . thats how i got in this site . i needed so much a place to vent .
revenant · F
Paragraphs, paragraphs, paragraphs
Teddybear · M
Huh😮🤦 poor sweetie 😵...
Im here for you princess k😘🌹💪
MorbidCynic · 26-30, F
Someone get Chris Hanson @Teddybear
Teddybear · M
@MorbidCynic just makes me sobb so deeply for her of or for what trauma might linger in her lil pretty mind after what this unemphatic trauma instigator put her trhough morbidcynic 😀😝😜...poor baby girl...dont you think babe
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
Change your age, you are breaking TOS.
ravenhillofKrull · 46-50, MVIP
life's hard then you die.

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