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Something unusual happened..

It was a late sunday evening time. And by that time I was waiting for my mom and dad to move from my room, since they needed my computer to use dor something. I told them they could use it for a while, but not too long, because I will need it to do my homework before I sleep for my school day, since by that time I had a lot not gonna lie and if my parents saw me doing any near 10 or 11 pm they would be grounding me for a long time, so I tried to avoid that. They told me, that they will use for not that long time and I could continue on my works..
1 hour passed. I was still waiting for it, as long as I could, while not saying or asking about it or anything. I just did my homework or what I've knew (since, my phone was charging, I couldn't really use it).
Later I asked my little sister, to ask if I could go and use it, but hearing them to not distract them I had the urge to get to them and ask myself. When I went there, I asked if I could go in there, but they told me the same thing as they told to my sister.
Personally, I'm a patient and I cam wait, but I couldn't wait for any longer, since of amount of things I had to do with it, I repeated a little louder and them suddenly my dad stood up and went towards me. I flinched a little, since I was scared that he might threaten me about something once again.
Once he came up, he started to talk about me being a bad and spoiled child, which I couldn't be any grateful to anything that they give me. They told about my appearance, about how I looked like a bandit and a drug dealer.
By those words I was all frozen, wonr believing that my father would say such a thing about me, when I never even thinked about doing those awful things.
Myself I never used any drugs, smoked, vaped or drank alcohol in my life. So those words that came out of his mouth, was like a half lie to me, since I looked like that..
Usually I'd wear a black about 2-3 year hoodie and I would keep the hood on my heas because I just liked the way it was. Plus I would be in my room a lot. For example, when we all eat - I rather eat alone, or be without them. But getting back to the thing, I just agreed on everything and went back to do my homework, as of course them I had a break down, overthinking my life choises of even if I should stay alive at that rate.
Since of these kinds of things ate getting happened a lot (getting yelled at or getting into lots of arguments) my mental health has been gone really down since last years July.

Now I'm writing this this story to unknown website, that some people might see and read this. I dont know what else to say about this whole situation, but I hope it all geta better.

15 y.o

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