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Today I woke up with the feeling of dread. Sheer anxiety in the face of the new economic crisis

I felt so alone. My parents were fighting in the other room about nothing as usual. I shut the door thinking to myself "is this all there will ever be? A house in a rundown neighbourhood infested with criminals, the worst of which live right next to us and made our life hell?"
I've worked so hard. I've been patient. Now all the money we've been saving AGAIN amounts to nothing in the face of the new crisis. And now the company I work for is not permitting us to apply for an amazing opportunity open to healthcare worker in my country that could solve a lot of my family's financial issues. My dad says "just a few more years then. It's okay". But what if the next few years just mean more closed doors? The political situation is pretty unstable. Something inside me wants me to hurry up and leave before this place drowns me.
TelegramSam · 70-79
Sorry to hear about your situation. Nothing I can say to help really, mornings are not my best time. But thinking of you and wishing you well. Stay strong, believe in yourself, stay above water.

All the best
@TelegramSam Fine words and response. But getting back to you is met with the same I need to tidy myself up some and sleep. I will follow up, thank you.
TelegramSam · 70-79
@thewindupbirdchronicles There really is no problem. Thanks.
@TelegramSam You are kind, I know there is no problem, I hope, but thanks for the expression.
😔 It's not that bad here but I understand the morning dread and the intrusive thought about finding a way to leave before everything falls apart and traps you for good.
Fertilization · 31-35, F
Take it easy.

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