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BBB: Be Brave, Be Brilliant, Be the Best!

Step up, show up, when it gets messy, be there in the mess, protect your eyes against the gust of distracting details and focus only on the [b]core.[/b]
The[b] main[/b], the [b]root[/b], the center of[b] truth[/b].
Resolve this mess, and every future mess will seem smaller.
Master mess after mess.. until there is no more mess to mess with you.

Walk with [b]strength[/b], look[b] up and ahead[/b].
You can [b]accomplish more[/b] than you believe,
The [b]spark[/b] of the present is [u]in your hands[/u].

[b]Allow[/b] yourself to be and redefine the [b]best version of you[/b] in [i]every moment[/i].
[b]Allow [/b]yourself to be simply, [b]legendary[/b] 馃槉

BBB * Be [b]Brave[/b], Be [b]Brilliant[/b], Be the [b]Best[/b]! * BBB 馃悵

Do u live up to all that?
GuyWithOpinions31-35, M
@Wiseacre i think the idea is that we all try our best in that direction
Busybee33331-35, F
@Wiseacre Honestly, some days yes, some days no (I may not always have the energy, but I make sure I find it often enough to keep going).
This is a memo to any person who needs to look within and remind themselves "[b]I can do this[/b]!" in moments of doubt. I struggle with these too. I just want to keep remembering that if you want something enough, quitting is not an an option; only a short rest (if needed), then jump again. That is the thought that holds me stable when on the edge.
Not all..@GuyWithOpinions
TeirdalinFirefall31-35, M
Already am.
Jexie22-25, F
Honestly, if there was an option I would add this post in my favorites
Busybee33331-35, F
@Jexie There is a [b]bookmark / Add to Collection[/b] function :)

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