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What worries you the most at the moment.

JustNik51-55, F
I tripped over the dog (didn鈥檛 hurt him! 馃槄) and now I have an unstable knee that won鈥檛 hold me up. Waiting for imaging to be scheduled and in the meantime I鈥檝e got a motorized scooter I鈥檓 trying not to play bumper cars with my house with and I鈥檓 stuck here because my arthritic hands and shoulders don鈥檛 tolerate the crutches much and I can鈥檛 take this scooter outside and there are some things I simply can鈥檛 do so people are having to help me. I鈥檓 worried about how long it will be like this and whether that knee will ever be the same, how long it will be before I can get back to see my parents since mom who is completely dependent decided to recover from pacemaker surgery at home instead of a care center, and whether the new meds will help the dog I tripped over who was lying in an unusual spot because he鈥檚 unwell. It鈥檚 all just grrrrr. 馃槤

But thank you for the therapy session. 馃槀
Picklebobble256-60, M
My children
My aging parents
My decline in health

And all the associated fluff.
JamesBugman56-60, T
That Russia is going to sweep through Kyiv and into Poland at the same time that China attacks Taiwan. Those two countries are working together.
Also North Korea is going to attack South, it is coming, just a question of when, I would guess at the same time, and then the whole world will be full of madness.
Mick96156-60, M
Getting and feeling old
Worries that lay between is love growing, or dwindling? The usual question of someone who loves someone.
Twiglet41-45, F
@thewindupbirdchronicles did you ask them?
@Twiglet Not directly, but went through a lot emotionally together and I said my words of love... sometimes you have to also know when to confess and speak.....once you have a harmony let it be, then when once you have that and you are both emotionally available, then....
@Twiglet 馃the same as i have worried about for years nuclear war the death and destruction from it
NiteRaven9326-30, M
Whether I'm gonna be around this time next year or not
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Tracos51-55, M
That my life is too boring to survive
WandererTony56-60, M
Health of family
Judgement day. 馃槹
Lilred228931-35, F
That I won鈥檛 be successful.
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