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Just sharing some of the things i'm thinking about

My new bed is supposedly gonna be done today, there'll be boards under the mattress which failed to fill up like they were supposed to, while cutting the plastic wrap getting it out i may have cut what i shouldn't have. I don't think it's gonna be sleepable, which will cause dad to say flusteringly "Why?" When he said that the other night, i was too tongue tied, i never am able to describe things, certain terms are lost to me that would be readily available to people who traffic in the world regularly.

I may be using my pillows wrong, as evidenced in the achingness around the neck, in the middle and down an inch or so dad calls this the dowager hump, but i don't think that's what it's called really. You can't believe a thing dad says.

Last night my mom's brother called as he usually does and give dad some moral support and i hear dad telling him about me, full of falsehoods and half truths, making me look better than i actually am, and the air, i combine with the mice infestation, mice and whatever of them released into the air, the polluted air going into my nostrils and mouth, infecting, and destroying, debilitating, rancor all around, bonzo dooh dad and the musical mice.

But these are just superficial surface matters, which are a piece of cake compared to the spiritual, remember what Harvey Keitel said in Mean Streets.

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