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The Greek toe

Greek Toe: When the second toe is longer than the big toe.

Venus de Milo has it, Leonardo de Vinci’s Vitruvian man has it, Michelangelo's David has it.

Are you one of the 15–20 percent of the population to have it; a Greek toe, or foot, medically known as Morton’s toe?

If so, in ancient Greece, you would have been considered creative, have great leadership qualities and be the life and soul of the party.

Ancient Greeks, rather than following the boring rule of proportion, as the Egyptians, centuries before them did, went with the "Golden Ratio", or " Divine Proportion", the root of sacred geometry.

Examples of the "Golden Ratio", were to be found everywhere in ancient Greece; in art, sculpture, architecture and yes, even in toes!
Ooh , for some reason i ended up on toe stuff the other day....dont ask , i have no fucking idea either how that happened.

Anyhoo.... screenshotted, (screenshat?🤔) this - thort it was super uselessly interesting 🤗
Bang5luts · M
@DeWayfarer tbf I shat a gun before. A shatgun ffs
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@Bang5luts any different than a shotgun in how much blows out? 🙃😈
Bang5luts · M
Degbeme · 70-79, M
That is also known as bossy toe. If it`s longer than the big toe you are bossy. 🤭
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Yes, second toe slightly longer. Mom was Romanian though. Right next to Greece.
That isn't 100% of people? I know I've got it
What about the Greek nose?
That would be my toes.
come2gether · 51-55, M
That's my feet actually
Mudkip · 31-35, M
Yep, I have it
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Bang5luts · M
Yes. I have it. I never knew or heard of that before
FeetAreFantastic · 41-45, M
That's also known as the Morton's Toe. I don't have it myself but I see it often.

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