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Sometimes people say the weirdest stuff

After I bid one vendor farewell (after doing some admin stuff), he said, "I'll see you next week"

Me: "yep see you next week!"

Him: "and you will be wearing that..." And looked RIGHT




Ladies and gentleman

I laughed nervously and walked away

OH YEAH and he has a wife and a newborn baby
thepreposterouspanda · 36-40, M
I'd wear a nun outfit to spite him. 🙄
caccoon · 36-40
@thepreposterouspanda I think he's just one of those guys that will say something no matter what. You can see it in his eyes
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
Why do people gotta be gross
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
@caccoon He will be so mildly inconvenienced

And if he gets a small cut anywhere in the next 10 minutes ooooooooh is he in trouble
caccoon · 36-40
@JRVanguard I'll throw some paper around and turn fans on
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
@caccoon That will also be useful if Dwayne The Rock Johnson appears
deadgerbil · 22-25, F
caccoon · 36-40
@deadgerbil yep, and they just became annual status so now I gotta interact with him every weekend

But it's cool, if it gets gross I will say something. I am able to do that now luckily
Captainjackass · 31-35, M
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