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What consistently brings you joy?

Adogslife · 61-69, M
Sitting on the deck on a summer night and taking a dip in the pool. My wife will have a glass of wine and I’ll take a few hits off a joint. If the season has just begun, there’ll be a waft of lilac from the bushes nearby in the yard.

Practicing Kali/sparring. When the sticks and knives are flying, I lose all track of time. There’s no sound or distraction. The world around you goes black. It’s just your energy against someone else’s.

And, of course sex. That’s always a rush. It’s so important to have a great partner that’s adventurous.
DragonBee · New
Tea. Calming down with a good cup of tea and a book or Netflix after work makes me happy.
mooncrest02 · 31-35, F
Appreciating nature, good music, good company.
@mooncrest02 nice answer 👍
BeJeweled · F
That first sip of coffee in the morning☕
Lostmouse · 13-15, F
EgleTunes100K · 36-40, FNew
Music, performing for others and seeing them smile, and always following my goals no matter what
Being able to truly live every day
Rob04 · 18-21, M
Beach and recently my xbox 360.
tenente · 100+, M
nothing 🤔 i'm always sad

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