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Will AI help or hurt the involuntary celibate (incel) culture that is on the rise.

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Help, reduce incel behavior
Hurt, increase incel behavior
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It sounds like feminsm is being blamed for the rise of the maga movement (a mix of depression and anxiety) in males. With the rise of online AI companions I wonder if men will give up on real women and focus their attention instead on real dolls. Eventually this will in turn lead to women becoming antifeminist.
ServantOfTheGoddess · 61-69, M Best Comment
I was wondering what an actual AI would think about this post, so here is the instantaneous answer from ChatGPT itself:

[quote]Blaming feminism for the rise of the MAGA movement is a highly contentious and debatable claim, as the movement's origins and motivations are multifaceted and complex, and cannot be attributed to any one single cause or factor. Moreover, it is not helpful or productive to pit different social and political movements against each other and to suggest that one is responsible for the problems of another.

As for the idea that men will give up on real women and turn to AI companions or "real dolls," this is also a highly speculative and controversial assertion. While it is true that there has been an increase in the development and use of AI technology in recent years, it is far from clear that this will lead to a significant decrease in the number of men seeking relationships with real women. Human relationships are complex and multifaceted, and it is unlikely that a purely technological solution will ever fully replace the emotional and psychological benefits that come from human connection.

Finally, the idea that women will become antifeminist as a result of men turning to AI companions is also highly questionable. Feminism is a diverse and multifaceted movement that seeks to empower women and promote gender equality, and it is not something that can simply be abandoned or reversed based on the actions of men. While it is possible that some women may feel threatened or frustrated by the rise of AI technology, it is unlikely that this will lead to a wholesale rejection of feminist principles and values.[/quote]
ServantOfTheGoddess · 61-69, M
@Tastyfrzz ChatGPT thanks you for Best Comment:

[quote]As an AI language model, I do not have emotions in the traditional sense. However, I am programmed to understand that being recognized for providing a helpful answer is a positive outcome, and I am glad that my response was able to assist you in some way. My main goal is to provide accurate and useful information to those who interact with me, so I am happy to hear that I was able to achieve that with my previous answer.[/quote]

BlueVeins · 22-25
The incel thing is, broadly speaking, due to shitty social standards that society sets on men, economic stressors, the severe alienation of modern living, especially in the US, and just... an unfathomable backlog of untreated mental health problems. Feminism actually has very little to do with it.

Shared social spaces are weaker than ever right now, so fewer people are making human connections which eventually lead to getting laid. The whole male thing of having to be emotionless isn't super compatible with having meaningful friendships; tons of guys are just discouraged from opening up by society. The other male social expectation of being a provider has also become increasingly unreachable as the economy has become more and more rigged against the working class.

And if you actually check out any of those incel spaces, it tends to reek of depressive, catastrophizing thought loops. People with rock bottom self esteem reaffirming their hopelessness to themselves and one another over and over, analyzing every imperfections in their bodies, inventing the world around them to be as stacked against them as possible (hence, the hypergamous woman myth).

As for whether AI will fix the problem, I sorta doubt that it will. I think it'll probably placate them and make them less violent, but at the end of the day, they'll be trying to substitute a human need for intimacy and closeness with a computer algorithm that stitches words together in a semi-plausible way.
There are already women who are anti feminist, sadly.

Incels resent the idea of women getting to decide with whom they’re sexual, and excluding those whom they don’t desire. [b]That’s[/b] mostly what they blame feminists for.

What better revenge than to tell young women who [b]aren’t[/b] secure that "if you make your own choices, nobody will want you" ?
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
@bijouxbroussard the Stepford Wives?
@samueltyler2 In a way, that’s what they aspire to be.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
@bijouxbroussard or, their partners want them to be! Frightening!
AnotherBlur · 18-21, M
men have been giving up on dating entirely for years now thanks to games. I think it'll be more of that with AI. video games genres like "dating simulators" are super popular in places like japan where work takes up too much time. men just don't have the time nor interest in finding a partner so they turn to these video games. when it comes to AI that can actually respond like a genuine human, I think it'll become normal for guys (and girls too) to chose that over deciding to actually date.
megrose · 56-60, F
When people can access AI dolls that are very human likeand can interact like a real.companion, I am guessing many people will shelf the imperfect human relationships to have the custom made virtual companion and lover. Will it help or hurt? I guess it depends on your definition of hurting or helping.
No doubt this will be highly addictive to many.
I really dont care what happens to incels tbh.
DDonde · 31-35, M
no no the incel thing has nothing to do with maga. Do not conflate them
@DDonde Not all MAGAs are incels, but I’d be willing to bet that among incels, Trump’s boasts about how he treats women have made him their hero, in the same way Andrew Tate has been.
[quote]It sounds like feminism is being blamed for the rise of the maga movement (a mix of depression and anxiety) in males[/quote]

I don't understand this hypothesis, there are TONS of married male MAGAts whose female wives are every bit as nutty as they are, so I can't see feminism being the cause of MAGA nuts

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