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Just entered 30 and Ive lost my passion for life. Is there better moving forward?

So I just turned 30 and I wqs kinda exicted to enter a new era. My whole life its just been miserable since i can remember my soul has just never felt at peace in life. But being younger I tried to push and do everything I can to succeed but nothing worked out the way i wanted it then bam 30 Im single childless jobless and still having to deal with stupid enenmies. And im asking my self can life get better. Im a good person believe that karma can reward me a good life but the way i feel.every night is just killing me. I feel miserable in my situation in this world with everything people food the air that i breath im exhausted and lost that passion.
I try every day i really mothwrfucken do to be postive and try and manifest the life that i want, i dont know what i do wrong and i just feel frustrated.
I think the worst feeling is that i look at ppl my age and they still young and lovely and i feel old and broken and tired. The worse part i think is rhat i cant find a true love soulmate to share my life with.
Since i was 6 years old all i ever wanted was to get married and have kids and a family of my own and i tried and dated many trolls and just bam im still single. I havr tried to lower my standards honest to god but my heart pains so much that when there is no spark or connection and i just dont know how to please it anymore. I feel sad and miserable but every I really to try and fight and change my life.
I feel so frustrated in my life i wonder if it will ever go away. Since I was so young I just felt unhappy and frustrated but growing up I tried to g8ve myself happy life experiences but life just got fucked up and i really lost passion for it even to get married and have kids etc. I wish every day that i do something right that just pushes the right energy i need to change myself.
I cant sleep at night, my body will be at rest but the whole night i can hear myself think.
I find weed used to relax me but i gave it up because my stomach had some issues but ay theis anxiety and worry in life is killing me.
Want i really want is a better life for mt family a happier than prosperous life, i want peace in my soul and with my gods.
I want the enemies who hurt my family and do they tricks to suffer and die right now i wish that god would take them away has fast has lightning.
I feel disappointed because there is this consultant that I go to and have beeen going there for the lasr 8 years but I feel that he didnt take the situation seriously and played fools with me and fucked up everhthing. But i really put trust in him trustimg rhat his older that he knows what his doing but he fucked it up and im tired and honestly dont want to go back just because im tired of the same old situation and energy and i just want to take a break and move on in my life.
Everyday I fight for a better life to for myself and family
But honestly I fight just to stay alive . To not end my life but to think that this is it. I honestly dont know.
Why does God universe whatever fuckjen higher power just help me i feel they all usleess in thw major things i need in life. But im tired of it i my soul is broken and every new week that starts i have to carry it and im just fuckrn tired of this life sonce im 13 years old all.i ever wanted to do.was kill myself and i should have done it so i idnt have to experience this miserable shit in my life. Anyway im still tryimg to fight and heal and reach a place where my soul just stops fucking paining.
I have been where you are, so I understand how you’re feeling and your outlook on the work right now.

You are going to be ok. You have so much life ahead of you. Our lives change in seconds. You could die tonight. You could meet the love of your life tomorrow. You could make a new best friend at the grocery store next week. You could stumble across an awesome new opportunity that changes your whole life any second. You literally never know what each day holds. The secret is, don’t worry about it. Just let life be. Let yourself be. Once you relax and learn to be happy with what you are and what is, all those things you’re desperately longing for and chasing will finally come to you. Right now, you’re constantly analyzing everything….you’re looking and looking, and doubting. You’ve just got to take a step back and let things be. You can’t even see the good if you’re constantly analyzing and doubting it. If there’s something you’re unhappy with, how can you make it better. Make a list. Make that list into actions. Fix one thing at a time. If it’s nothing you can change, let it go. Just focus each day and being your best self, someone you love and can respect when you look in the mirror. Focus each day on what you could do that day to make yourself or someone you know happy. A hike? Go eat some place new? A convert? Bake a friend a cake? Volunteer somewhere? Try a new hobby? Make the most of each day, and yourself, and let everything else come to you as it will. First and foremost you just have to be happy with yourself. And don’t go to your ‘consultant’ anymore. Find a new one or learn to listen to yourself and navigate your own thoughts. After 8 years, it sounds like this one you’ve been seeing has not helped you. I wish you all the best.
A lot of times what makes us sick is our environment. The people and community can just not be supportive at all and drive us to all kinds of sickness.
I actually felt this post cause I feel behind a lot of my peers as well. But I'm just going at my own pace. It's not a race after all. I am also single and feel alone as well and since I live in the middle of nowhere it's hard to meet people. So all I really have is the internet to find friends. But because of that they are using in person people. So yeah it sucks.
Fullofwisdom · 22-25
There is a God- who loves you so much he sent his ONLY Son Jesus Christ to the world, whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE. doesn’t everlasting life sound delightful? I believe in Christ and he has changed my character from being hateful to being full of love and happy with life. Believing in Christ has changed my attitude in all things. Peace to you, friend.
Budwick · 70-79, M
Hi Sunshine -- You keep looking for others too fix your problems.
That ain't gonna happen.
You are responsible for your own happiness.
Don’t give up life will get better trust it will the era is just beginning
reubles · 41-45, M
@reubles same
@reubles There was no reason for this comment. If you didn’t read it, there’s no value in an empty comment. Especially on a topic like this where a person is feeling such intense emotion. I wish everyone would value compassion and empathy more instead of just commenting to comment.
babyboy42 · 41-45, M
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babyboy42 · 41-45, M
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