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Im stuck and idk what to do but i dont want to leave him

Okay sl he thinks he can boss me and tell me what to do but get mad at me if i cant do it right then and there ans will treat me sun type of way then he tells me oh baby i just get on there to do streaks but then i hear him take snaps ans text half of the time then he will tell me to gts whole he stays up for 3 more hours on snap and tiktok and he stopped letting me come over n hes being really moody and mean to me lately idk what to do abt it
collin · MNew
it is easier said than done, but communication is the best way to solve this. you need to tell him how you feel about what he's doing, so he can realize his mistakes and communicate to you what his feelings are too
Yallcantknow · 13-15, F
@collin he just turned his camera on then really quickly turned it off then git on snap which im not supposed to have but i do n i can see that hes clearly active while still muted with that camera off
collin · MNew
@Yallcantknow i know it might seem useless but please try to talk to him. not through call but through text
Yallcantknow · 13-15, F
@collin be wont let me come n see him its been 11 days since he let me come see him n now i thibk hes only gunna ket me come see him bc i bought him stuff in it should be coming soon
Mysticeve · 22-25, F
It’s not a bf/gf’s place to boss the other one around! If you don’t want to leave him, you’ll have to communicate your feelings, and try to be constructive to move forward (but it depends on him being willing to listen and be constructive).
Yallcantknow · 13-15, F
@Mysticeve ill havver to be around him probably but idk it will be a huge fight
Yallcantknow · 13-15, F
Then after he said he went to the bathroom he turned his camera on snd he like he never once moved now he is muted with his camera off n wont answer ne at all

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