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I've noticed something quite specific to one political side of the spectrum

I've noticed a lot of right-leaning people, more so American republicans tend to make arguments by taking the point at face value, disregarding context and nuances. They focus more on the principle of it, which I understand and actually matches with the value focus of conservatism. There's something admirable about that part btw, but the danger in this though is that without nuance you end up hurting people and ignore the future consequences.

An example might be if say we were talking about Libertarianism. I'm very much for the ideal of Libertarianism and the romantic notion of living for freedom and such. However, it is in itself a very selfish way of existence as to live in a society we have to live by ethical standards, one person's rights end where another's is interfered with. In practice, if left to its devices it would just end in anarchy and a sort of neo-capitalism where everybody just does what they want and corporations would have more unfettered control and power in politics.

Not generalizing as I know not every right-leaning person is like this, but it's been very noticeable to me. Most of Ben Shapiro's talking points are good examples of this also tbh.
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
Ben Shapiro's talking points tend to be about warping reality to what he wants to be true based on his value set and then running through his supporting elements so fast and so confidently that a lot of people miss how many unsupported assumptions and misinformed statements he makes. His way of talking sounds principled and solid, but his substance is softer than a foundation of sand with high tide rolling in.

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