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Do you ever had a cause that made you runaway from your home ?

in my life i had few cause that made me runaway from home and never been there again
WonderGirl · 41-45, F
I ran away when I was 15 because I couldn't get along with my mother. She accused me of flirting with her husband. (stepfather)
I came home but left for good when I was 16. We reunited years later when she needed my help.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@498097,WonderGirl] you must be proud of yourself 👍
I ran away twice when I was a youngster. My mother was especially mean and less than nurturing. She always did things with my older sister, and left me at home to babysit younger sister and clean like I was Cinderella or something. No prince to rescue me, so I ran away.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@369878,DreamyCrush] sad to know , quite similar as mine but in my situation she was not reason less always but my elder sister (already married that time)spying on me and provoked mom to do much more third degree upon me
[@10445,lonelyloner] Sorry you had to go through that.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@369878,DreamyCrush] it's ok dear now it's nothing to do with it as i lost myself by my mistake i did so no way return and not ever rectified
Eclipsed · M
I tried to marry a turtle and that didn't go over well. No one would accept our love.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@1178785,Eclipsed] am really very very sorry if my words hurt you any way but intention was not that as you can feel as i put an emoji already in my reply as a prove , sorry again if possible forgave me
Eclipsed · M
[@10445,lonelyloner] you are sweet.. your stories are interesting too.. thanks for having a bit if fun with me 😘
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@1178785,Eclipsed] welcome hope you not keep in your mind about what i told you
Stopmakingsense · 56-60, F
Housing is so bad for society and so discriminatory that once I moved out of my perfectly good apartment and lived in a cave on O'ahu. I still haven't moved back into the normal style of living because housing isn't a human right that's protected for everyone. I think that's a cause-. Universal housing.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@1201621,MotherHubbard] good to know
Yes indeed..
Never looked back!
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@325375,Majorlatency] quite true no idea about as am just living my days
[@10445,lonelyloner] well live your days strong! Where would you like to be and doing what?
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@325375,Majorlatency] am trying to
checkoutanytime · 41-45, M
Building your adult home takes time and dedication.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@1201531,checkoutanytime] so true and i feel it by my life
TheFragile · 41-45, F
Yes when I was a teenager I left to get away from my abusive step father and F'd up Mother
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@326696,TheCaterpillar] sad 2 know
PatKirby · M
My sister did. Our mother beat the shit out of her until she ran away and never came back.
Nayla · 51-55, F
Never had a reason to run away. My childhood was really good.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@506684,DawsonsGrove] glad to know
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@573519,Valdaine] can understand , sorry 2 know that
[@10445,lonelyloner] it is what it is
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@573519,Valdaine] i know as i had gone through with it
ap199 · 46-50, M
Caring compassionate hugs for you :)
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@658303,ap199] thanx
Bang5luts · M
I did as a child. But I always went back.
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@1169150,Bang5luts] oh i c
SW User
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
[@419463,hbking] thanx 4 share

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