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Been drinking a lot, not sure what to do anymore

I'm 17, turning 18 in 3 days. (not that it matters birthdays are trivial but at least now I can legally drink at bars without using a fake id)

Got major exams in a bit

heartbroken by a girl who has a boyfriend

feelin kinda lost altogether

I've been drinking like, almost every day. With different people. afternoon drinks, post studyin

Kinda feel like... I've gotten used to feelin like shit.

Anyone feel me.
Triggerer · 22-25, F
Fake ID? Woah.
Heartbroken? You'll heal after some period, if it was true love.
Teens usually drink to be cool. Which I never understood. Because alcohol doesn't taste nice itself. And the feeling of 'joy' (as much as it can be) is temporary. You feel even worse the day after. Don't give in yourself too much into alcohol, it's bad for health. And you might end up who knows where one day. One thing leads to another
Grazza · 51-55, M
Self medicating on alcohol is a very dangerous game. Becareful.
When I was your age and a drunk I didn't even see it as a problem. You'll be fine
TheDarknessHasFallen · 36-40, M
[c=#BF0080] I think youre just self meditating through this shit hun thats all. when thigns get better (they will) youll be back to jsut drinking at the weekends! You need a girlfriend and I think youll ahve one soon ☺️💞🌷[/c]
Beatbox34 · 26-30, M
I understand it. But alcohol is a temporary solution. I say this because I've been there. Find a way to fight this before it consumes you.
Artemiszzz · 18-21, F
[@476293,Beatbox34] thanks haha
Beatbox34 · 26-30, M
[@625081,Artemiszzz] All the best to whatever it is you're dealing with. I know you'll get through it.
What’s the legal drinking age? It’s 21 here.
Artemiszzz · 18-21, F
[@14748,Zebrawl] 18 haha
Summersrain · 46-50, F
Don't turn into an alcoholic
Artemiszzz · 18-21, F
[@654350,Skylight] probably not, everyone around me's up for it so i'm kinda like, ok lets try to forget all the shit around us for a bit. but i dunno how to deal anymore

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