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What were you doing in 1993?

I turned 5 that year, started preschool. No major responsibilities, things were so much more simple for me 馃槄.
GJOFJ361-69, M
Owned my own company.
Working my butt off
Livingwell61-69, M
33, just graduated from college, two kids
Miklee0251-55, F
Pregnant with my 2nd child 馃檮
Effloresce26-30, F
I was living a blissful non existence
Wol6251-55, M
@Effloresce Ouch, that sucks!
Effloresce26-30, F
I know! The audacity 馃槺@Wol62
Wol6251-55, M
@Effloresce that happened to me when i was 5, some kid at a park did that, but not in 1993!
I was working in a record store while going to college.
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I loved working at the record store. I did it for four years, which was like getting an unofficial bachelor鈥檚 in music. I walked in as a metal head and walked out with a deep appreciation for blues, jazz, zydeco, early country, and early R&B among others. With things like Spotify, it鈥檚 easy for anyone to expand their horizons today, but back then, before the internet took off, it was an experience that couldn鈥檛 have easily been duplicated in any other environment.
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I was 20. Dropped out of college, was working in a factory.
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@Stereoguy it was good for me at the time, got me free from financial reliance on an abusive step-parent and his enabling wife. And it took me nearly twenty years but I finished my degree.
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Planning to buy my house
latinbutterfly46-50, F
I was a teenager living in Chicago, turned 16 in November to be exact.
latinbutterfly46-50, F
@Wol62 馃槅
Wol6251-55, M
@latinbutterfly Thanks!!!!!!
latinbutterfly46-50, F
@Wol62 No problem 馃憤馃徏
whateverhappens26-30, F
Being born
SwampFlower26-30, F
Being born.
RealtaReoite61-69, M
Wow. Working, building my house, getting married, figuring out how the "instant family" thing works. It's exhausting just thinking about it.
I was a wittle baby...born in July of that year :)
Wol6251-55, M
@SW-User I was like Beavis, or Butthead in that year!
SubstantialKick31-35, M
@Wol62 Lol
NiftyWhite46-50, F
i was 15 and fell in love for the first time rocking out to def leppards adrenalize
tiggerandariel1341-45, MVIP
14 graduated junior high getting ready for high school
skmokisses46-50, F
Started my senior year of high school. Some of the best days of my life 鉁
Nervous about soon becoming a parent.
Moving to a different state and starting a new job.
td666126-30, F
Wasn't born yet. I came along two years later.
Robbing banks with my buddy Cliff
QuixoticSoul41-45, M
Packing my life into 20 kilos.
Fantabulous46-50, F
Turned 18 and finished school
ShaythePanTransMan22-25, T
I wasn鈥檛 born yet.
The year I was born
Crying and kicking...A lot.
juiceyangel33331-35, F
I was a toddler
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Struggling with my shyness and feeling stupid.
@SubstantialKick for me it was difficult mostly when I was a little child
@SubstantialKick you don't have those feelings anymore? How did you overcome them?
SubstantialKick31-35, M
@SW-User I started hanging out with some good people who helped me break out of my shell.
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JarJarBoom41-45, F
Was in high school...not doing anything
Getting ready for preschool 鈾ワ笍馃グ
Friendlyman6456-60, M
I was working as a teller in a bank
I was 16 and going to work
I wasnt born yet ):
[c=#BF0000]Busy not existing[/c]
I was born
Still single.
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I鈥檇 already been married, had a child, lost them both.
SubstantialKick31-35, M
@bijouxbroussard Dang, sorry to hear that...
DDonde31-35, M
I don't know, I was naught but a mere babe
uncalled456-60, M
Switched jobs to a place 60 miles from my house(eek), got serious with a band and began recording our one and only album.
SubstantialKick31-35, M
@uncalled4 Holy crap, 60 miles? Was it worth it?
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