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Hearing inhumane stuff like this fuels my anger.

Since when do the courts have a right to decide who lives and who dies? If I were the Dad, I would hang that judge with barbed wire until his head falls off.
SwarmSona · F
Because after a certain point things get into the realm of is what we're doing here humane? Will the slim chance of recovery even result in a good quality of life? How will the child's development be effected if this is allowed to be draw out for months ... years? Insurance? Liability?

A human life is an irreplaceable thing. But everything in this world has a price tag, and money ain't always it.
SW User
[@593521,UnderworldBratSona] even though the young tot couldn’t speak for himself, it’s the parents who should be entitled to that right not some fat cunt with a wig,hammer and black robe, I bet if the parents were billionaires it would be a different kettle of fish, and that’s what’s destroying humanity. We all know the value of nothing but the price of everything.
SwarmSona · F
A child isn't born of itself. At that age the kids thoughts are irrelevant because they'd lack the complexity to even deal with the situation.

Money means the doctor is a personal hire and wouldn't have deemed the extended life support as inhumane regardless of the the situation. A kid lying in a near death state for years on end with a more than likely deformed body would be the result most likely. Is the billionaire kid really better off? who knows
MethDozer · M
Another glaring reason I'm glad not to live in the UK.

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