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I Am In Support of Transgender and Genderqueer People

I was getting ready for my horse riding lesson yesterday at the paddock. When the boy I've been talking to, since the start of last year (so for over a year now) wanted to meet up with me. Ive not managed to meet him due to lockdown. He messaged saying it's a sunny day, and was wondering if I'd like to join him for a walk. But I was going horse riding. And tbh, I'd be so insecure just out of lockdown..looking like I've just risen from the dead 馃槀. But how nervous I would be to meet him, how awkward I'd be around him...first time ever with a boy..first time after my transition...It's scary, tbh...I thought if we had the same group of friends we'd be quite relaxed, I'd be quite relaxed...but we don't...He knows I'm transgender btw...A lot of guys do...Still I wonder how I should be...will I revert back to boyish ways, as I've grown up with more feminine!!! does he see me??...has he only seen my profile??!..he has spoke to me!!..he keeps in touch with me!!...still nervous and insecure...first time properly meeting a boy..not just pulling any random one at a night club 馃槀...First time as trans...nervous 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀...And on tthe horse riding lesson, it was funny!!...I returned after 8 years...My instructor asked me if I've done any previous horse riding...I said "Yes, here!, on evening lessons with you!"...She didn't recognise me..And she would have, if it wasn't for my transition because I'm the tallest one there. I told her the horses I was on previously, gave her a list of names, and she was sooo confused...I remember everyone there, nothing has really changed... I suppose I have x

Diamonddog26-30, M
I remember when my old housemate was transitioning it was pretty confusing for them. He'd meet guys he liked and then wonder what to do because they might know or might not know if he was transgender or not.

It sounds confusing lol
All2livefor26-30, T
[@877165,Xipooh] yeah, I let people know right away, but sometimes assume rhey must surely already know!..but my profile is left open with memories i dont still loads of pics and memories posted of the before me, which is why I think, some people don't care if I'm trans...he just seems to like me, ir so it seems x
spjennifer56-60, T
If he knows and is still interested in you, give the guy and yourself a chance. Hope it goes well if you do decide to meet him! 馃槉

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