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I Am In Support of Transgender and Genderqueer People

A true story, personal feelings, witnessed through a journey, still on the road...So here's the truth, so to speak.

At first, it's a challenge to be recognised or noticed, as who you truly are, how you truly feel, a sense of loss. A life you've observed from a young age, and never got a taste of ..and when your chance eventually take take it all!!!..perhaps a little too far..this is what I mean >>>>>>>>>>>

Hormones and the changes sound exciting, your muscle mass decreasing, your skin softening, your hormonal mood swings, your body fat distribution and breast growth...It all sounds fantastic, when you've lived the wrong life, previous to this is how it originally feels...

You're free to chase the overly anticipated stereotypes, of being a so called "girly girl"..I have a pink room, a toy pony, and princess doll sets, and a dressing table, and a beauty trolley my parents bought me...It all sounds very stereotypical, but its overly anticipated because???...I missed out on it all as a child..And heres the other part of excitement, hormonal changes, always a sign things are happening, losing muscle mass, or becoming soft skinned, perhaps feeling vulnerable...

But here's the next phase,..It all becomes natural, the everyday, the every average day, where people know you, for who you are now. You feel like a woman, but, you've actually reached a pass to just living your life, expressed as your true self...yes you feel like a woman, but your thoughts aren't all on your journey, your goal isn't to be treated like a stereotype anymore, you just want to be you..a person, just a person...The pink clothes, doll sets, are just your everyday, there's no sense of "Oh wow!!! This is fantastic!!, I'm very girly!!...all that has resulted in, you just feeling, you've reached your peak there, is it really you? you have to make a bold gender stereotypical statement now???...Not really???...Just live life, my life is just a day as a woman, and after it feeling like an eventful and exciting girly journey...I'm actually so frustrated at guys, boys I knew from before, some are attracted to me, or invading my space, a bit touchy too, when I thought they were better than that, like a local friend, and some taking full advantage of my hormonal mood swings, and physical changes, thinking its funny to wind me up...Whenever I'm out, the guys like to joke about my capabilities, and compare me to them, in a way that they say things like, "women can't do this", "women can't do that", or stereotyping me as a woman, ...I'm a human being..I don't follow stereotypes now, and with my hormonal mood swings, it upsets, or frustrates me when guys compare my physical strength or ability, or capabilities to them, and they actually look down on you...I wanted to be seen differently, it sounded exciting but, its a bit difficult, the hormonal mood swings just happen, I used to play football, and I still watch it,..but they like to compare gender football abilities, which is totally wrong!!, and frustrating...You know, I went out to kick a ball in the garden, and my mother isn't too happy with me playing football with my male friends now, and when I'm with my brother and dad, they wind me up, and joke about my capabilities after my hormonal actually kind of sucks, because...I still have the same intrests, I'm still the same person, I was born the wrong body at first, but my interests haven't changed, my stereotypical girly goal, has been reached, approvex, and doesn't really mean that much..I don't mean I've made the wrong decision transitioning...I mean, I don't have to be stereotypically girly to prove my gender, I just live as a woman,...And its sometimes frustrating now that stereotypes take place x

I'd kill to be as feminine as you. You are gorgeous. Keep bein your awesome self girl
All2livefor · 26-30, T
@PervertedPrincessOfDeath thank you 😊
ginnyfromtheblock · 22-25, F
you look fantastic! proud of you for living your truth ❤️
Rutterman · 46-50, M
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

You look lovely.
yeronlyman · 51-55, M
You look fabulous and confident
All2livefor · 26-30, T
@yeronlyman thanx 😊
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