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Monday 20th Nov 23

So it's been a good weekend, mosf of it dressed, and I've been cooking. I enjoy cooking, I find it very therapeutic, and when it goes well it's a boost to my ego to have what I've made praised. It used to be just the one pot recipes, chilli, bolognaise, etc., but I'm expanding my menu. Did a couple of roast dinners, a bacon joint with a BBQ style glaze and a rack of lamb. All of if fairly simple, but getting the side dishes, vegetables ready on time is the issue. Tonight could be another roast, a lamb joint, or possibly paella.
All this food has also got me trying to restart the fitness campaign. Four months of "nothing strenuous", and being bored has not been good for the figure. Getting back into lots of walking, and doing weights. Unfortunately this is where being rather mature has its downsides. I have to be far more careful, take it very slowly, to avoid injury which would set me back. It has to be done though, otherwise there's several skirts that will have to be replaced with the next size, or two! And probably the same for all my knickers.
Now there's an interesting use of language. Why "knickers", not panties or underpants. Well i suppose the latter sounds too much like male underwear. As for "panties", I did used to use that preferentially, but of late I feel happier using "knickers", and I don't know why. Should I read something into that? Things are changing in my dressing, I wear tights more often where is used to be stockings or hold ups. I do still love stockings, but for everyday wear if can be a bit of a faff, not that tights are a simple solution. I really cant understand why there's not yet a much simpler alternative. Hold ups should be that alternative, but they roll down, roll over, and are just annoying. They can be useful for a short notice meet or cam session, but thats about it. To be honestvso much of female clothing seems to be designed and made for people who have assistant to dress and undress them, of that are double jointed and have the dexterity of a watchmaker. There are so many reasons not to dress, apart from the fact that it's not a choice, it's that itch that can never be scratched, even for someone like me that often has long pauses when dressing doesn't really matter that much. However, that need, that itch always returns and having a wardrobe of outfits is a must.
I did read thd other day that in the UK the estimate is that 8% of men dress regularly, and estimates for those who have tried dressing seems to be at least 25%. Though I have seen a figure of 41% for trying. Even the 8% figure shows that there's around one in ten men who admit to dressing on a regular basis. I say "admit to" as I think there's still too much if a stigma for many to answer honestly to any questioning. I've also noticed that many who dress came to it late in life, having suppressed that desire for many years. As I've said I've been dressing on abd off for most of my life, but i was in my late 30's, naybe my 40's before I accepted it wasn't a phase I'd grow out of. I just wish I'd accepted it when i was much, much younger.
That's all for now, might pick up on the need to dress another time.
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
[quote] I think there's still too much if a stigma for many to answer honestly to any questioning.[/quote]
I think there is another problem and that is what seems to me to be an unhealthy emphasis on passing among crossdressers. Most men really can't pass as a woman on close inspection and many of us even from a distance. I think this makes a lot of us feel, for want of a better word, pre-emptively embarrassed. I think embarrassment is one of the most underestimated negative forces in society.

But my experience shows that at least in northern Europe (that still includes the UK by the way) most people one meets really don't care. Perhaps you remember me saying that one day I finally "screwed my courage to the sticking place" and went shopping in Aldi? What I often don't mention when relating the events of that day is that I had a full and not especially tidy beard at the time. Still no one seemed to even blink.

So to get back to the point, I believe that most of the stigma is imagined rather than experienced. I'm still struggling to overcome my worry that m family and friends will turn out to be less accepting than the general public though :-(
22Michelle · 61-69, T
@ninalanyon think you're right on it being imagined stigma, which of course doesn't change anything in our heads, especially when it comes to our nearest and dearest. Just because i imagined it could be really bad it doesn't mean I'm wrong, or that it could be much worse he said, allowing his inner paranoia free rein. On the othed have different fingers!
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
[quote]of late I feel happier using "knickers", [/quote]
I generally say knickers. I'm not entirely sure why but I think it's a combination of things, it sounds a bit naughtier, earthier somehow. Also it's the word that my wife used for her comfiest underwear, some of which could only be described as granny knickers! She never wore things like thongs or stockings, as far as underwear was concerned comfort was all she cared about.
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
[quote]There are so many reasons not to dress, apart from the fact that it's not a choice, i[/quote]

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