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The Whole Sunday Morning Television Thing...

Sometimes you wake up in a good mood...pop on the TV....and you just get frustrated and angry.

Today's been one of those days, sweetie....

It's all anti-gay this, anti-transgender that...

Just to give you some context, sweeties....I'm in the UK....and live in the Midlands.

So...there's the whole thing about the Scottish Parliament understanding the whole identity issues that we face and wishing to make it a legal thing that people can legally begin to change their sex (thus their identity) at age 16.

Lovely.....makes sense...

...and then the whole veto'ing, by the British Government of this whole act, without any real understanding...and the whole discussing of these issues.


..then onto the local political programme...they take it further...then add on top of that that women can feel uncomfortable about all that because of potential abuse by paedophiles and male sexual predators...

Got me so angry! Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister Of Scotland, can join the army at can get married at why can't a person be mature enough to understand and realise what their gender identity could - and indeed, should - be.

Then....onto the issue of same-sex couples, getting married; parts of the Christian Church think this is a good thing, whilst the Archbishop feels that he would do this as not to 'upset' parts of the Christian Church community/parishioners.

Just....not putting me in a good, happy frame of mind.

To sum up; the vast majority of the transgender community are just nice people. We're not nut jobs, not paedophiles....not out to change the world...we just want to be accepted....and get on with life.

Y'know....just like everyone else...


Cass xx
startingover2351-55, M
I have to agree with you. I was hopeful a few years ago that Britain was becoming more accepting to all people in general. But then the hate started again, and I do blame the media for fuelling it.

I think that all people should be accepted as they want to be. Wouldn't that make a nicer place to live?
startingover2351-55, M
@CassandraSissy The best we can do is to be kind and considerate to those around us and share a smile to people we meet.
CassandraSissy22-25, T
@startingover23 Yes...after all, smiles ARE addictive!! Spread the love..

startingover2351-55, M
@CassandraSissy Oh for sure.

PTCdresser5761-69, M
Between the media...government know it alls and peoples phobias life seems to be getting harder. If everyone was considerate and respectful to each other life would just be easier.
We all should just live by....treat others how you want to be treated!
Love ya Cass!
CassandraSissy22-25, T
@PTCdresser57 馃挒馃挐馃挒
UnknownEntity26-30, M
1. Stop paying for tv
2. Stop watching tv
3. Thrownyour tv away

Escape the mind control
I might just be a cynic but I am not surprised this sort of shit was done by tories anywhere int he commonwealth.
Zonuss41-45, M
If these things get under your seriously should get a life
It's just a distraction.馃檪
CassandraSissy22-25, T
@Zonuss I have a life, sweetie, but these things can influence people and incite violence....

That's the concern.
Zonuss41-45, M
@CassandraSissy Yes. Well I'm black. So you're not telling me anything new here. And I live in the [b]US.[/b]
Violence is the norm here.
But I understand where you are coming from. Just don't let them get you all riled up like that. Because again it's all a distraction. Nothing more.
Wonderingsoul46-50, M
I totally understand

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