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Why are there so many bigots in the world?

馃樁 A pizza joint where I used to live had to shut down because of the bigots in the county. They smashed their windows, and the door followed them home, and even spit in their faces just because they were lesbians. 馃槦 When will it end? I had a pride flag in my front yard and was advised if I didn't want any trouble to take it down. We are selling that house, and our relator will not even let his colleagues who are lesbians come out to that county because of this shit.

Tennessee is such a shit hole.
Tennessee is as backwards, racist, homophobic and filled with hate as any state around. I live in Shelby county, likely the most forward leaning county in the state.
@Ontheroad Idk, I grew up in the north. I lived in the south in 2 other states and never had that issue until TN. 馃
This country is in a really disturbing place for sure. :( Especially here in the south. I'm worried for the future.
markansas61-69, M
this part of kansas is not much better.. they are just uninformed about other living in a world of there own making.
Notanymore36-40, M
Holly hell. Where is this county?
@Notanymore Eastern Tennessee.
Notanymore36-40, M
@Snowvixen wow. I live close and have been all around that part of the country and haven't seen that.
Strictmichael7561-69, M
And they call themselves decent Americans
@Strictmichael75 They sure ain't. Some locals are saying it's because they were spreading lies about others, which apparently warrants spit in the face and feeling unsafe! 馃檮The police were notified and didn't do anything because they know who keeps them in office.
Strictmichael7561-69, M
How sad, such sick people !
ronisme161-69, M

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