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It's a sad I feel I have to preface the question that I don't personally see anything wrong with it, but I'm not really attracted to the same sex...

With that, inconspicuously as possible out of the way... If love and romance have absolutely nothing to do with sex and the physical, and feminine and masculine are bunch of stereotypical bull, then why do they care about the gender of their partner? And yes I know, a lot of people don't have problem with any of this, this is more of a hypothetical about some imaginary people who feel this way. 馃槵
Graylight46-50, F
1. You [i]don't[/i] have to preface a question like that. If it doesn't matter to you what your orientation is, it won't matter to others.

2. Romance and love are absolutely bound with sex and the physical. Of course love can exist purely for itself, but for a lasting relationship to be formed, a couple has to be sexually compatible and that will happen when paired with the orientation of your nature.
ladycae100+, F
i think men and women are different in many ways but i also think some people are born the wrong gender. it doesn't mean they are genderless it just means they have the wrong gender. i am a lesbian. i tried men and it is not for me.
Hmm it is confusing to me how the "genderless" groups seem to care a lot about what's in their own pants.
QueenOfSmiles46-50, F
I鈥檓 attracted to both sexes. But I don鈥檛 want to physically DO anything with women.
Faust7641-45, M
[@425376,QueenOfSmiles] Hm, that seems interesting combo though, at least to this male. Also my question might have used some work. 馃檭 I believe men and women are different not just in the equipment section they came in this world with, that sexuality is a central if not carrying theme of love and romance, and am attracted to the feminine. Mayyyybe a bit bi-curious, but not gonna do anything about that.

And hm, I'm wondering about caricatures now, because that usually pisses someone off, but for lack of better way to put it, you keep running to the people who are like "Women can do everything men can do, only better. How dare you think of sex, you're not romantic at all! I'll only date a real man, though." Or vice-versa for men I suppose.

Since I'm in the habit of answering my questions, I can think maybe they want to have a baby who is biological offspring of both. Or they could have a fetish for complaining about the differences? 馃槀 Seriously though I think most people would probably say "I just have preference for that gender, like some prefer blondes and others prefer brunettes". But it seems to me like those often fall apart if you follow the "no gender differences" and "love is not sexual" to their logical conclusions.
Why are you posting it here? more a community type f post if your not interested then neither are we

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