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Have you ever stolen something?

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What are your thoughts on stealing? I mean, I'm far from perfect. But. I never quite understood how one person could take from another person's sweat. Just to get ahead or simply because they wanted to. Idk how people can be so cruel. Smh.
Jessmari · 41-45
When i was a kid I stole a die cast car from a hobby shop. It was one of those pull back and release deals. Anyways, I felt really guilty about it and ended up confessing to my parents who then had me return the car and apologize. I did and that Christmas the shop sent me a train set for being honest.
reflectingmonkey · 51-55, M
@Jessmari OMG, was a sweet story !!!
Jimmy2016 · 61-69, M
🤔...............I stole a dog one time. It was the roommates dog of a friend that lived across from my house. The roommate was a coke head and one night I was over at my friends house and the roommate was all coked up and hit his dog with a 2x4 board. This dog was a medium size dog and so cute and would always run up to me and sit by me when I was over their..............So a couple of nights later the dog was tide up in the front yard so when the time was right, I drove up in my car, a couple of doors away from the house and stole the dog. I drove off with it and gave it to my mom. My mom gave the dog a loving home for the next 7-8 years after that.
reflectingmonkey · 51-55, M
@Jimmy2016 awesome, I am usually against stealing but that was awesome what you did. i once did something similar. i was in my 20's and I visited the house of someone who was part of my hippy crowd. he had this baby dog who had an inflated tummy (I figured it was because of worms) , the place was covered in garbage, no one was caring for the dog so I just told him I was taking his dog because he's not taking care of him properly and the way I said it he did not get in my way.
TeirdalinFirefall · 31-35, M
@Jimmy2016 I hate people that mistreat their pets like that, it's insane how common they are though.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
I did it as shoplifting a few times when I was 18 years old right after leaving home. I had been raised by a very unsympathetic, sometimes cruel, mother and I wanted to know what it would feel like. I felt quite guilty so I stopped doing it.
Years later I sent money and an apology to one of the stores I had solen from. I am not a thief and I am sad and sorry that I acted like one.
Nevaeh0081 · 36-40, F
@greenmountaingal Good share. Not many try to fix the wrong. 👍

I think we all have stories like that.

Some just stick with it though.
Yes shoplifting and not returned a wallet I found.
I think stealing from rich people and big companies is ok. Stealing from people who struggle or taking away items that have emotional value to someone is wrong.

We live in a society in which money can buy you out of jail and fees are a punishment. Money creates hierarchies therefore taking it away from priviledged people is not bad.
The worst thieves are the 1% and managers of big corporations as well as corrupt politicians.
alongalone · M
u.s. atleast is teeming over with thieves. We are a society of thieves. I accept it. Thieves are everywhere. all around me. I have very rarely stolen. in the Navy I remember stealing AA batteries a few times for my Walkman that's about it. Am not a liar or a thief, but am surrounded by them I know. 'now my enemy, is all I see, an enemy, that is me, that is you'.
Nevaeh0081 · 36-40, F
@alongalone it takes a getting used to. Smh. But being stolen from everyday, that's enough to drive a person nuts or do the stealers harm.
iamelijah · 26-30, M
Only stole from my sister's money or her belongings. Idk. I was around 9 until 12. I never understand it was bad. I was obssessed seeing lots of cash and I couldn't stop until I got caught red handed.

I tried so hard to endure the temptation to steal those things. Its not that I need it but I feel excited not to get caught. I am able to control my impulsiveness now.

The weird guideline of me is not to steal from someone else except family member.
I know it was stupid. But that how my brain was worked at that time.
reflectingmonkey · 51-55, M
not since I was a little boy. actually, I remember one time when I was about 19 years old I hitchhiked across Canada and one time we got stuck somewhere and darkness came and we never made it to the city in time to buy food so we were hungry. there was a fruit and vegetable stand close to the road so we stole some fruit, oranges I think. we had money, just nowhere to spend it. that was the last time I ever stole anything. I really despise thieves.
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Nevaeh0081 · 36-40, F
@MalteseFalconPunch just because? Or was there a good solid reason? We're you ok with it? Are you ok with it now?
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I'm a sinner like everyone else so, yeah.
When I was a kid I snuck some sort of candy egg with a toy inside into my parents’ shopping card. I guess technically they paid for it, but I still snuck it out of the store 😜 I got in pretty big trouble for that one
No, I honestly haven’t. I don’t have much respect for thieves, with the possible exception of a starving person stealing food. My father once told me, "There’s nothing you can steal worth half as much as being trusted."
@bijouxbroussard I love that saying and believe in it 100%. You can never repair trust completely once it’s broken, and that’s just stealing from yourself.
Well,I acquire some sauce sachets every time I go the cafe or pub for a meal!
val70 · 51-55
I stole a toy that the neighbour's kids were playing with. I was about 5 years old
sweets from a shop when i was 6
Dino11 · M
Towels from Hotels...
WaafaS · 26-30, F
I have and got caught.
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