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Just as we all suspected

So that means Beijing Biden and the socialist kabal all over the world knew this and locked people down and vaccinated them with untested and dangerous drugs needlessly !
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
URGENT: mRNAs jabs may have caused tens of millions of serious new health problems worldwide, a huge peer-reviewed study shows
Covid vaccines are linked to a 20 percent rise in new diagnoses for at least three months after vaccination; a second report finds even higher risks for people with preexisting autoimmune problems.

15 Times Infowars Told You COVID-19 Was Man-Made & Leaked From The Wuhan Lab
Confined · 51-55, MVIP
Yup. I knew it from day one. None of what they said or did ever made any sense.
TexChik · F
@Confined when Biden started granting immunity to vaccination it was clear this entire thing was happening by design.
Confined · 51-55, MVIP
@TexChik Trump gave immunity. Biden just continued it with a vengence.
I remember her appearance on Tucker and talking about this a couple of years ago. And because Dr. Yan spoke out, the CCP locked up her mother in prison. There is absolutely zero evidence that the virus occurred naturally. Fauci is the most prolific mass murderer of our generation...and people [b][i]still believe[/i][/b] this monster.
akindheart · 61-69, F
I saw this interview a couple of years ago. it was chlling. tucker said "you are putting your life on the line" and she was. they hassled her non stop. she had family still in china
Carissimi · 61-69, F
I just watched an autopsy result being discussed. They found the spike protein in the brain of a deceased person. It had caused severe brain damage. They can differentiate if it’s from the virus itself, or the vaccine. It was from the vaccine. Apart from getting through the blood/brain barrier, which it shouldn’t do, it apparently, causes our immune system to attack and kill the cells infected. The thing is, our brain, heart, and other organs are not supposed to be infiltrated by any vaccine, but with this one (although I wouldn’t call it a vaccine myself), it does. It can go anywhere.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
It was the stupidest shit that I have ever seen the public in general fall for
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
10 myths told by COVID experts — and now debunked
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
Five Lessons from Three Years of Covid Authoritarianism
...the first in what hopefully will be a voluminous body of work that looks back historically at our response to the pandemic not just as deeply flawed, but as a slippery slope to an Orwellian future

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