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Above The Law

The makings of our Democratic Republic have been called into question time and time again. The Supreme Court of the US in many instances has had generational consequences over the past 100 years. What is shocking is how this branch of government can ignore the rule of law with their latest immunity ruling, Then, again with so many beguiled with Trumpism including many on the Supreme Court comes as no surprise.

We have to always remember when the rule of law is no longer upheld by the highest court in the land tyranny and anarchy are soon to follow. The handwriting is already on the wall. History is filled with empires that have fallen into obscurity when the rule of law never applies to their leaders. Are we the next nation to have once achieved great heights only to fall?

This Presidential election most notably is one of the most important pivotal periods in our history. We must not fall into complacentry and allow the status-quo to remain unchecked or ignore what will be the continued rise of tyranny of an oligarchy ruling class.

In the years following World War II till the Viet Nam era the US was that guiding light for much of the world. But for the past 50 years through Supreme Court rulings much of the demographics and social structure of our society has morphed into what is transpiring now through-out our nation.

To not realize what is actually happening in every city and town where the plight of millions of Americans is a stark reminder that as a nation the Supreme Court and our government have failed the American public in so many ways. And this recent immunity ruling is only deepening the deep divides in our nation. Remember no one is above the law and that includes a sitting President.
Broache73 · 46-50, F
Tyrants don’t like people who speak truth to power.

Voltaire had it correct; If you want to know who rules over you, figure out who you're not supposed to criticize...
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
Then the current president needs to be impeached, convicted, and removed from office for disreguarding 8 U.S. Code Chapter 12, eh?
Kenworth4954 · 56-60, M
Get over it crybaby

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