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i don't know how to translate いなくても [I Am Learning Japanese]

I am trying to translate a sentence and i know almost nothing about Japanese.
anyway, the sentence is from a pokemon game, that i chose because i know those dialogues quite good (lol). the complete sentence is ポケモンいなくてもだいじょうぶ
and i feel like the meaning is "even if we don't have any pokemon, we'll be safe", but i can't understand what いなくても is. is it いなく (without) + ても (even if) or いなくて as a verb form from iru. the Internet search didn't really help, that's why I am asking. Also, I wander why after ポケモン there's no particle like ga, for example. is it just informal or is it how the sentence is supposed to be constructed?
U53RN4M3 · 31-35, M
Google translates it as "You don't have to be a Pokémon," but I have a feeling that's not right.
Konicha605 · 22-25, F
@U53RN4M3 nah that's wrong. the meaning i provided is the right one. the proble is to understand weather it's two particles (even if and without) or a verb form (there aren't)
U53RN4M3 · 31-35, M
@Konicha605 That's why I stated that I didn't think it was right.
DDonde · 31-35, M
It is the なくても form of いない yeah
Konicha605 · 22-25, F
@DDonde thanks! how could i have distinguished this from いなく (without) + ても (even if), am i missing something?
DDonde · 31-35, M
@Konicha605 いなく is a form of いない as well.
Konicha605 · 22-25, F
@DDonde yeah thanks, that's what i thought. i looked up on the internet and it just translated it as "without" like if it was a particle

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