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I want to die everyday

I hate america i hate louisiana there is no solution its so fking complicated and so fking simple at the same time i hate living i hate life i literally cant cope anymore
Mostlymeat · 100+
You have to work hard on things if you are still alive though.
America is the great boiling pot of the world (not a melting pot)

Please keep trying to work on your issues. I agree. It might even be the HARDEST place to have any kind of nice life because it LOOKS so possible on one level.

Also there is a great deal of sheer SADISM here. Its impossible to escape the feeling that we LOVE to hurt others.

But I have the same feeling and I have been here forever.

You just have to press on. Let me know how you are moving along. I have lots of good ideas that sometimes work.
Spicke06 · 26-30, M
@Mostlymeat its so fking tough man the last few years i have just been losing traction losing ground losing social status etc. My whole hometown is now owned by national corporations so all the money just jettisons away from the local area its maddening man. I just want to move to shtetel or something and be a normal member of society or something its so impossible though because im just trapped here and these ugly people all around me made sure of it. God i hate it. Thanks for responding though. No way out but through i just lost my willpower to get out of bed in the morning . Idk man. Youre right no way out but through i wish God would just make me an uberman again or whatever i used to be so disciplined and hardworking. Just seems so pointless in this day and age. I want to go visit an all jewish city or something see if i would be accepted for once in my life.
Mostlymeat · 100+
@Spicke06 Do you live in Israel or something????
Do you live in the USA? I am in Oklahoma and all alone and crazy insane lonely and cant even much say it ever

OLD LADY WARNING, and don't ask 4 a number, I wouldn't whisper it here🥺
Spicke06 · 26-30, M
Fk the world please hitler kill me
Spicke06 · 26-30, M
@Diotrephes oh its difficult for me to move because im sortof a horder and have an above average sized house
Spicke06 · 26-30, M
@Diotrephes hi do you know if israel is cool also sadly the going rate is like what 1.5M$ for a 900sqft apartment...
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@Spicke06 Whatever is quick and convenient.
[c=666666]I'm something you may need to do,[/c]
[c=BF0000]When your old dwelling won't do.[/c]
[c=BF6900]Packing up your life in boxes and bags,[/c]
[c=A69800]Leaving behind your old footprints and tags.[/c]
[c=359E00]You search and search for a perfect space,[/c]
[c=009E4F]A new home where you can embrace.[/c]
[c=008099]It can be hard to leave the old,[/c]
[c=003BB2]But new beginnings are worth the bold.[/c]
[c=7700B2]So take a leap and make a start,[/c]
[c=BF0080]Find a new home and follow your heart.[/c]
Mostlymeat · 100+
@DrRiddler Her heart has been broken, not much to follow. I hope things are improving there...

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