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It was a beetle

I thought it was a roach, and I sprayed cleaner at it. Oh no. I’m so sorry, you poor, sweet summer child. 😭
I bet it was in my tomatoes that I just washed. 😒
(If bugs don’t want my food, it probably isn’t safe to eat anyway, right? Right?!)

I talked with someone before about how I feel guilty killing insects sometimes. It’s crossed my mind that God likely views larvae as precious and beautiful children. And my friend wrote it off. “They’re just plagues.”
I don’t believe that. Maybe it’s not something he’s convicted with, but it was put in my heart to care that I killed them. I don’t want them in my house, and some of them, I’ll still kill. Roaches, flies, beetle larvae, ants… I’m sorry but not enough to not work like mad to make sure they’re gone from my living space.

I know I talk about bugs a lot. Sometimes I think I should have been an entomologist.
(*fly buzzes by my ear* I don’t care what you have to say! 😠) …maybe not.
I’m with you. I don’t kill them unless it’s necessary. If they’re harmless, I’ll put them outside. We currently have a cute little spider living somewhere on the main floor of our house. My daughter has named her Charlotte lol. She/he tends to like crawling across the ceiling pretty often and well talk to her sometimes. Yesterday I was having a bit of a moment. While trying to fight tears I looked up, and was shocked to see Charlotte right over me. Honestly, I felt seen and heard, and I really loved that little spider in that moment!
@cherryxblossom Aw. She was there for you like in the movie. 🥰 And I love the name.
I like some spiders. I’ve had jumping spiders look me dead in the eye like we really could communicate to one another. (I was watching it pursue another spider. It was probably trying to tell me to go away so they could have some privacy. 🤭 So I left.)
@Colonelmustardseed she’s been hanging out around me in the kitchen the last couple of days. I really do thinks she likes watching me!
ElizaJane · 56-60, F
I think it's ok to recognize insects as life and regret when you must hurt them. I put bugs carefully back outside all the time as the other human eyeballs ROLL. 🐝🤣
@ElizaJane 🤗
smiler2012 · 56-60
@Colonelmustardseed i can really understand and get what you say they maybe only bugs to some but they share this planet with us and have the right too be left in peace as a lot of the time they do no harm
@smiler2012 Yes. They’re just trying to live their lives. Even the ones that destroy the house.
I'd rather not kill

Apart from wasps
@InOtterWords I’m scared to even get near wasps to kill them. 😬
Thankfully, they seem to have pollinated my jalepenos and eaten some of the pests. And so far they haven’t tried to set up a nest around my house. I just run inside when I see them in my garden. 😅
@InOtterWords I had breakfast outside once, and a bee landed on my plate and started eating some scrambled eggs.
I was like, hold on…bees don’t eat eggs. 😰 It was a yellow jacket. 😭
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@blackarcher256 Them too. Like mosquitoes. Any that spread diseases are too much of a risk.
blackarcher256 · 61-69, M
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@Lilymoon Most spiders also get a pass from me. Not black widows though. Even the ones outside have to go. 😔
Lilymoon · F
@Colonelmustardseed Whoa I've never even seen a black widow 😦
@Lilymoon I don’t see as many lately, but they would try to build webs at the side of the house all the time when I was younger.

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