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I Met My Boyfriend Online

I met my boyfriend on experience project about 3 years ago .
We lived 1509 miles away . It was crazy but after year of talking online and 6 months more of talking on skype I finally flew up to meet him In person.
We have been together 2 years now and I am from Louisiana but now live in NewJersey less than hour from NYC . I am so happy to be back here and see some familiar screen names .
Some I'm sure I will never see again but it's ok I hope to meet new friends as well .
That is so great that you two met through EP.
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LysanderFremont · 36-40, M
I met my ex girlfriend from EP a few years ago. Best experience (Love) I got from that website so far. Glad things are working out for ya!
Awwww, that's awesome. Congrats to the both of you!!
NigelDoes · 56-60, M
That's wonderful. :-)
I'm happy for you.
I met someone there too... we haven't met yet... he lives in the Middle East and I live here in the States.. strange, but even though we've recently broken up (3 weeks ago from a 2 yr thing), I feel like it's not over yet.
Enjoy your love ❤️
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That's really cool- the guy I like now I only know online but I think we're going to meet relatively soon. It's nice to here LDR success stories every once and a while 😄
Suziq337 · 41-45, F
It was far far far from easy . I still have my homesick days . Food here mainly sucks . I miss Mardi Gras so much .
But upside is always something to do ( till winter hits that is )
Ps we didn't stay long distance for long . We traveled a lot ( thank you united ) and realized one of us had to move asap or we were done . Long distance don't work . Sorry to be bummer .
76starships · 46-50, M
That's amazing. Nice to see a real life success story from EP.
Suziq337 · 41-45, F
Not always easy . I miss home , I don't like where I live now . It's like opening Pandora's box . Hindsight I don't advise it . Unless it was a local meets local thing . Dating cross country is nuts .
76starships · 46-50, M
For sure New Jersey is a far cry from Louisiana. Quite the culture shock, I'm sure. Living in the South now myself, I can see why you feel that way.
achangeofplan · 36-40, M
Hi id like new friends too
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Suziq337 · 41-45, F
If you only knew , he flew me up here and showed me around NYC philly ect ; Before taking me from home I made him take me to New Orleans for a week then to Atlanta and Baltimore .
He swept me off my feet ; alas every bird that takes flight has to land and I my dear have landed .
I miss home , miss my parents , Mardi Gras , Cajun food , bayous , rainstorms , humidity , and the southern kindness of others.
I hate winter . The rude people 😞
The cost of living 😡
Not even NYC helps , lots to see and do ( if you are loaded )
I am ready for slower more simple life .
But I have 4 years left. My kids all graduate in 4 years so I plan on leaving after that .
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