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I have been asked a number of times about me and older men. Have I ever dated an older man?

The answer is yes, and a number of times, a man so old he could be my grandfather, indeed, he IS my grandfather! My grandfather Edvardas and I are close, we always have been. I am also close to my uncle Dziugas, who is my Dad's brother. My Dad is also named Edvardas, after grandfather! I have had many dates with my grandfather, in restaurants, bars, and even at the theatre the ballet, and a nightclub!

My grandfather is quite well known because he always wear white trousers, impeccably so! His trousers are always in pristine and fresh appearance, because he has always done his own laundry, and takes a great pride in his appearance. It is important, far too many people these days have a very relaxed style, and my grandfather despairs of men his age who walk around in track-trousers, or training shoes. You will never see my Dad or uncle Dziugas in such clothing. My Dad wears jeans a lot, but they are never dirty, or ripped, or in other ways dishevelled. Indeed, the first time my grandfather saw me in ripped jeans he was very taken aback and actually quizzed me on my 'dishevelled appearance'!

In my grandfather's world, a woman can wear trousers (or jeans) when she is working, maybe in the garden or similar such situation, where skirts and dresses can seem cumbersome, and immodest. But, otherwise, my grandfather likes to see the women of his family wearing dresses, or skirts, he is of a mind that we must never confuse who we are because that is the route to all manner of 'evil' in his eyes. He is a religious man, and i loved going to church with him, especially to Sunday Mass, even though there was always the risk of being closely inspected by him!

It is a fascination to me of how in very little time the attitudes to such proprieties have been diminished and never to the advantage of people. Here I am repeating my grandfather's words! He does have a lot to say about humanity's deprecating obsession with it's 'mores', and the complete dereliction of those common structures which for hundreds of years have guided society, and kept human life on a fine pathway to advantageous progress. He sees this dereliction of morals as something quite evil, and he says there will be a 'whirlwind' to face in the near future.

I have long enjoyed my grandfather's company, and to learn those things which have been so easily thrown aside. I suppose I am quite traditional by his influence, although I do have my own views, and I do seek to understand the modern world more than him, and we have debated the issues he makes mention of, sometimes animated in our want of explanation and understanding. I love going to his favourite social club where he plays games like chess, and dominoes. He is a dear man, and companion to me, and I feel the importance of never absconding from his society, and the chance of a keen debate.
DaveE54 · 56-60, MVIP
That’s interesting as it is a very different view to things in the U.K. I think

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