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May the Force Be With You

"May the force be with you." Science fiction? Maybe not! It is proven that every living thing emits energy. Are ability to harness and constructively use it is just beginning to be developed. An emotional response for survival is probably the closest in explaining this phenomenon of energy that is in every living organism.

No-where in the course of human history has the destines of mankind been shaped more by one single emotion. An emotion so powerful no other force or devises even comes close in scope to the magnitude of it's influence on the decisions made by man. The insidiousness of a hydrogen bomb may be the most destructive devise designed by man, but, it is this emotion and reactions from it's influence in the minds of man that has caused more devastation on civilizations and nature.

What is this emotion? A force that continues to have the most direct influence on actions and the reciprocal responses caused by those actions taken. The emotion of "Love." This emotion has many interpretations. It is when this emotion becomes so obsessive and consumes the human soul mans judgement and actions are no longer virtuous but rather devious in nature. The love of power and control are prime examples of how man has become obsessed in following through on decisions that have had disastrous consequences on societies and our planet. The recent and ongoing crisis in Libya and the Mid-East are constant reminders of what love of money, power, and control has wrought. We can also say that the protest of Occupy Wall Street is also a reaction of mans love of power, control, and wealth.

In a world that is filled with the continuing onslaught of atrocities against man and nature it is the virtuous side of the emotion of love that is the power and influence behind those decisions and actions taken to reduce and eventually eradicate all the suffering caused by individuals, organizations, and nations that have become so grossly obsessed with an interpretation of a force they can't comprehend.

Why mankind continues rendering more devastation on humanity? Is a timeless question. Perplexing as the question itself are the answers. The evolution of the emotion of love has had profound effects on the virtues of mankind. Wisely interpreted its influence has and continues to have an undeniable positive influence on decisions and actions taken. Through-out the many interpretations of love, the emotion, like in all facets of life when one becomes so obsessed and fixated on certain aspects of this emotion they ultimately are blinded and oblivious to the many positive attributes that this emotion offers the human experience.

There is a spirituality in the presence of the emotion of love that is within all of us. Whether we tap into the virtuous or the obsessive aspect is one that is contingent upon the many influences that mankind has been and are being exposed to. Education, a nurturing of compassion, humility and humanity all through life are essential in mankind's quest for harmony and peace with one another and nature.

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