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From 22 all the way to 32 I was working in sum factory as a General Operative. First 4 years was ok with being a Pattern Cutter. But the next 6 years? The next 6 yrs was an onslaught of problems.

First a Former worker, now a supervisor came again to work (Never met her b4 but she came back). She disrupted the peace amongst a few workers. Then along came (more or less same time) the "Designer" came along. And OMG apart from revolutionising everything her way she even caused a further disruption amongst the already bad system. She would have a go at men in a COMPLETE different department (though work was going same place so all one unit, really). But sum1 earning 60k per annum having a go at sum1 earning 14k per annum (post tax)! I was no longer a pattern cutter but a General Operative. 60 hours a week working, morning to late evening. The Designer is more of a Manager and focuses less on Designing. Everyday it's yell yell yell sometimes knitters (14k post tax) or the overlockers or her own department.

However, 2020 a worker comes along and although he minded his own Business he requested an audience with me n my wife at his house. So we went 1 evening and he told me his young daughter is in Security. The daughter came and explained Security job but, most importantly, where to go for SIA License and what to expect in Lessons. My wife then encouraged me to go in for security. So I did...

Midway of 2022 got a job in Security. Gone are the days when I would deal with a corrupted system. Gone are the days I would wake in middle of the night in cold sweat and think of my employment life. Gone are the days I used to think one day the employers would rummage through pile of goods only to find my dead body.

Today I am happy and I must wonder at work, why the fuss with other workers? One employee thinks we are being overswamped with work. Another complained about cleansiness TO OUR MANAGER!!! Simple solution DO IT YOUR BLOODY SELF! These colleagues are soft and dk meaning of Hard Work. They haven't seen Hard Labour with a broken system. I took the initiative and started cleaning the Gatehouse in my spare time; plastic on walls, abandoned shelves, doors, windows the light tubes behind them, the Security monitor system. I am amazed with my colleagues lack of work. They just wanna become button pushers for the barriers and go on their phones! They believe in the "Night guards haven't done it why should we?" Motto BS.

Overall I know the true value of my current workplace especially a decent system and no hard labour at all.
Teslin · M
I love how you are taking the initiative to do more than required. Even if it is to stay busy. You are cleaning which could be very important down the road. Hopefully your company recognizes this.
Sazzio · 31-35, M
@Teslin Thank you Sir. If this was my first job probably would have been a lazy sod myself TBF. I believe we have some hardships to realise the goodness afterwards.

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