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That moment when you ask a simple question right after they've been in an argument so they take out all their left over anger on you.

I go back to school tomorrow and i still havent gotten everything that i need. my mum, dad and sister were all in the kitchen, and they were all obviously a bit annoyed at each other. i told my mum that i need folders. my sister asked what kind about 5 times, but i didnt know what kind. just folders for school. then my mum and dad walk over to me and start yelling at me so i walk away. but something knocks over. so my dad starts to scream at me. after only saying i need folders, a simple sentance, i get yelled at. p.s. now im crying
I know the feeling. I'm married. If my wife gets mad about something, there's the possibility that she will get mad at just about everything, and I feel it is aimed always at me.
@CookieMonster280: no, you can't, but say little as possible.
CookieMonster280 · 22-25, F
yep. i always try that. but still. no matter what i say, there is always something wrong
@CookieMonster280: there always will be, unfortunately

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