I am being "disconnected from Similar Worlds"
If you are seeing a message on Similar Worlds saying:

"You were disconnected from Similar Worlds."

This could happen for a number of reasons:

  • Your internet connection may have been interrupted for a few minutes.
  • Your device or browser may have stopped Similar Worlds from connecting to the server while you were away from the tab/window.
  • You may have logged out from your account (and possibly logged into another account of yours) on another tab/window.

If you believe that the problem isn't any of the above, and this is constantly happening, please perform the following steps:

  1. Please open the Browser Details page.
  2. Wait a few seconds while the page load some details.
  3. Press the big orange button at the top that says "Send Details to SW Staff".
  4. Send us an email to explaining the behavior you've been seeing on Similar Worlds, and mentioning that you've also sent the Browser Details. Don't forget to tell us what your username is.

If you are using Safari on iPhone 11.4, please see instead: On my iPhone, Similar Worlds is completely misbehaving

If you can't access Similar Worlds at all, please see instead: I can't access Similar Worlds in some or all my devices