On my iPhone, SimilarWorlds is completely misbehaving

On iPhone, there are a few common problems users may have:

  • You keep getting automatically logged out and disconnected from SimilarWorlds, making the website unusable.
  • The Back button won't give the option of carrying on where you left.
  • A number of features may be missing or not working, while on other devices or browsers they may work correctly.

You may be using Private/Incognito Mode on your Safari browser.

Unfortunately, the Private/Incognito Mode has a number of limitations, and brings a very serious bug on iOS 11.4, preventing you from properly using SimilarWorlds. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. If you are not using iOS 11.4, SimilarWorlds may be usable, but a number of features may be missing to you, due to Safari's limitations.

To disable Private Mode on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap the icon:
Tap Private, then tap Done.