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Gov. Cuomo: “Anyone

[b]at high risk has a very low chance of survival. [/b]

Doctor asked about survival of those on ventilators: Only 20% on ventilators survive.

Various Other Doctors: 25-50% of the infected are asymptomatic, or have such mild symptoms they don’t know they are infected.

Me: Don’t let anyone shame you into not taking the most conservative measures of protection. If we had all been given N95 masks from the beginning (now we know just speaking/breathing can spread it) the hospitals and health care workers would not be in this crisis now. I truly believe at least 50% of those who died would still be alive. A bus driver died one week after a woman started coughing on his bus. In the grocery store, after someone almost coughed in my face, I got hit with the flu, 3-days later. That further developed into bronchitis further down in my lungs than I’ve ever had in my life. It has taken months to get back to normal. Imagine if that guy gave me Covid-19 instead of the flu, I wouldn’t be here now to write this. I’m high risk, and you can shame me until the cows come home, but it’s not your life.
I just found your commentary here. Brilliant in every way! It echos my thoughts as well. Especially in regards to the N95 masks which should have been made AVAILABLE in the early stages. I listen to Gov. Cuomo's daily news conferences often. Are you a New Yorker by any chance? I wish that NY and the other states highly infected find their way past the peak asap
nowic2 · 56-60, M
No one should shame anyone for taking the precautions they see fit. As you say it's not their life & we have every right to live & survive this as we consider appropriate. Live & let live, respectfully. Hope you are all good now. 🙂
SmartKat · 56-60, F
You do what’s right for you. Anybody who would shame you is stupid and immature. Not to mention totally blind to your feelings of anxiety.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
There are those who are trying to shame people who have N95 masks because of the shortage for medical professionals. I bought mine before there was a shortage, and I only have a few. They are the kind asthmatics wear when outdoors to protect from pollen and dust, but also viruses. I have asthma, and cannot breathe in these particles without developing a respiratory infection, and that’s without Covid-19. In my mind, protecting myself means I become one less patient taxing the healthcare system. @SmartKat
I would never shame you my friend. I'm glad you're still with us. 🤗
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Thank you,@SW-User 🤗
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
No shaming here. My wife has only gone out of the house the last two months for blood tests at a lab. We have practiced isolating for the last few years during flu season. Now I have added a decontamination process for every time I return from the store. Anyone who has underlying conditions or as in our case a compromised immune system needs to take every precaution possible. Stay safe and healthy!

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