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The more celebrities that get the Coronavirus the better off we’ll all be

My doctor was telling me that the symptoms of the Coronavirus aren’t as bad as having the flu. The panic is because it’s highly contagious and hospitals aren’t equipped to deal with the influx. With all the problems this panic is causing, does the ends justify means 🤷‍♀️
4meAndyou · F
I heard on the news that there are not enough respirators available in US hospitals to handle a huge influx of elderly patients with breathing problems.

In Northern Italy, the hospital ICU's simply could not handle the enormous load of elderly patients with pneumonia, and they had to send them home. That is why so many elderly people have died there.

For young children, under the age of nine, unless there is a respiratory problem like asthma, or a medical condition like cancer, there is very little chance of a child dying from covid19.

The symptoms of covid19 appear to be as variable as the people who catch it. Primarily, headache, body aches, fever, chills, and so on are indicators that a strong, healthy person has covid19 OR the flu. These symptoms usually don't last too long with covid19. In older, weaker people, the symptoms also include a heavy feeling in the center of the chest, shortness of breath, and coughing.

ANY person whose immune system is compromised is at risk from covid19, because then it has the potential to turn into pneumonia, and pneumonia can kill you.
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@4meAndyou Ok, I’ve heard so much conflicting information I don’t know what to believe anymore
4meAndyou · F
@ChloeYoung I think if you go to the CDC website, it will be pretty accurate.

I listen to the news all the time, and some of this info I gave you comes from young, healthy survivors.
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@4meAndyou Ok thanks for the info
Cierzo · M
Mortality rate is higher than flu, and if thousands of people get the virus at the same time, there will not be intensive care for anyone, and hospitals will have to decide who to save.
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@Cierzo My doctor doesn’t think there’s go to be any more deaths than any other bad flu outbreak 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know
Cierzo · M
@ChloeYoung I don't think 7-8% of Italians infected with flu die.

Anyway I think there are reasons for lockdown, but not to hoard toilet paper or food the way some people are doing.
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@Cierzo I think the panic shoppers are selfish and embarrassing
The panic is totally unjustified and I will admit... the news isn't helping.

Using words like "terrified" is overstating and in some ways lying about the situation with the public. If the public was terrified, they wouldn't be overflowing costco's looking for toilet paper and brie.

The panic is truly just trying to be a smarter civilization so we don't flood hospitals and lose loved ones who are impacted by Covid19. The symptoms are bad if you are elderly or have existing complications.

All we are doing is trying to level the curve. If we play smart, people don't have to die.

Nobody said "panic" and buy toilet paper.

(curve for reference... I'm surprised your "doctor" didn't mention this)

ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@SW-User She did mention the main reason is because of the hospital’s not being able to handle the influx and the fact that it’s more contagious than the average flu
TexChik · F
The hospitals are equipped ... we overbuilt and had so much unused in the US
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@TexChik But why would they deliberately do that, that’s awful
TexChik · F
@ChloeYoung because those states ( liberal ) are bankrupt and those nursing home patients cost their states $11,500 a month each ... libs are all about population. Control ( unless it’s them or theirs) .
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@TexChik I’m shocked to hear that, that’s the sort of thing corrupt governments do in third world countries, that’s murder
It will be just like any other virus,we will adapt n overcome,find the relevant vaccine, get everyone back to work etc etc,and in 18 months or so we will have forgotten about it,and been typical humans back to the way we were,and have learnt nothing from the process.
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@LUVELACE With the damage this has done to the global economy I think the affects will be felt for years to come
msros · F
It requires ICU admission and that is the problem. There aren't enough beds.
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@msros Apparently it’s its only an issue if you are earlier and not in good health or if you have a serious pre-existing condition like any other flu virus
Lovve · 22-25
And that’s on the Media
ChloeYoung · 18-21, F
@Lovve Well I think people will listen to celebrities like Tom Hanks and his wife for example. They are isolated with the virus in a Queensland hospital at the moment and they aren’t even bed ridden. So we’re all not going to die like some panic merchants think

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