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Rats in Los Angeles

Heard a report on the radio today that there are 12 million rats in Los Angeles and if something isn't done diseases such as typhoid and even bubonic plague could start to spread.

My question is, how many rats in a city the size of LA is normal and not a threat to health?
4meAndyou · F
I listened to the man in charge of counting the rats in LA the other day. The city council has requested he inform them of the actual number of rats in order to get an idea of the scope of the problem.

They are in the process of counting them right now and the rat count is already at a level where the rat study man say we could definitely see the recurrence of medieval diseases such as typhoid and the bubonic plague. He also mentioned that the gestation period of the female rat is 18 to 21 days, and that the number of rats in a litter is usually 6 rats.

So...every 18 to 21 days the rats will increase times 6. Lets call it every month. If you have 1000 rats today, next month you will have 6000 rats, and the following month you will have 36,000 rats, and on the following month you will have 216,000 rats.

The issue is the homeless living on the streets. Because the homeless provide food, simply by pooping in the streets and eating in their tents, the rat population will grow right up to the level of the available food.

The man performing the LA rat study says that the city council does NOT want to kill the rats. Apparently they have decided that this is not environmentally politically correct, so they have, (and this is not a joke), decided to allow the rats to die of old age.

He, (rat study man), says this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He says the feces and disease germs are entering the LA River right now, along with all the feces from the homeless, and the LA River is carrying all the poop directly into the Pacific ocean, so essentially this raw untreated sewage is going directly in to the ocean all around LA and the sea water is becoming heavily polluted, so they are negating any environmental points they may achieve by not killing the rats by criminally polluting the ocean.

Rat study man says he will not allow his children to swim in the ocean on any beach anywhere near LA.
Kowlick · 41-45, M
That's probably not a huge increase rats are a battle in any city. Los Angeles is freaking huge. They'll up efforts to kill them and it'll wan again.
msros · F
All exported from other countries.
HannahSky · F
Idk but NY must be bad too
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