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Have you had your tonsils removed?

If you had the tonsils removed, did it improve your health afterwards?
They found when started school had hearing loss and a treating me said sometimes just remove tonsils and hearing improves went to doctor after that treated me by running water in my ears and kept saying he boil anyone in oil that put hearing aides on me That he could cure my hearing loss Guess he finally gave up Where got tonsils out 2 Doctors at Parkersburg WVA had clinic in below offices where they removed tonsils and went home after few hours with box of popsicles
Swoop62 · M
Sad really as likely your tonsils could have stayed. Times were different then.
Sept 1960 when had them removed at Dr Patient and Hartmans clinic in Parkersburg wVA no change on hearing then Dr Sussmand continued there treatments of running water in ears and maybe they made it worse
I was 5 years old and I remember feeling much better afterwards
Swoop62 · M
@Dancmemomisme: well, don't take any more body parts out just to one up her but if you do the gall bladder trumps the gallstones and gives you bragging rights. Perish the thought
@Swoop62: lol will remember that thanks
Swoop62 · M
@Dancmemomisme: Please don't. I don't want the credit for that one.
Kygirl · F
Yes, if you young and need it go for it. I had mine out when I was five years old and I did great, but my daughter had her's removed when she was around 26 and it was really horrible surgery for her. She's 40 now and she's still having problems with her throat.
Swoop62 · M
I had heard it was rougher on older people like with some childhood diseases that come later but for you and most who did it young, Bingo!! thanks for the reply
Loveableangel · 51-55, F
Yes had them removed at like 4-5. I was a child who got throat infections quite often. I've been better ever since and hardly ever get sick.
Swoop62 · M
So the tonsils lost the battle and became a casualty of war, but the removal did accomplish what was needed. Thanks for the reply
Loveableangel · 51-55, F
You are welcome. ;)@Swoop62:
Abqfunguy · 56-60, M
@Loveableangel Same here.
had them out to improve my hearing when started 3rd grade didn't help
Swoop62 · M
Never heard of it helping hearing but did not work,, did they know what they were doing or a guess? Appreciate the answer.
Starlite · 46-50, F
As an adult it was painful and it didn't help.
Swoop62 · M
Thanks for the answer and I have heard of and known people like you that did that later and recovery is painful. And then did not help for the future is a disaster.
yes, I don't really recall. probably.
Swoop62 · M
It is generally expected to but does not always of course. Thanks for the answer.
Swoop62 · M
Still have mine also. Appreciate the reply.
Ok :)
RoleplayGirls3 · 26-30, F
No. I had mine removed last year and ever since I've nearly always been sick.ive had 4clots of chest infections ect
Swoop62 · M
Wow, thanks for the answer. Tonsils are a defense against infection and looks like you need yours back. mark one down for keeping. thanks for the reply.
JenniferB · 46-50, F
Yes, at age 12, and no, I didn't grow out of having sore throats until I was an adult.
Swoop62 · M
So no help there really for your throat. Appreciate the input, and I have used those tulips for an avatar before.
bentonlake · 61-69, F
Yes and yes
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Swoop62 · M
Appreciate your answer on that as I had not heard of it weakening the rest of the immune system theory. I know my Mother and her siblings all had their's out and not one of them had a problem, they thought it preventive then. I still have mine.
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Swoop62 · M
@sistergolden: Back atcha!👍

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